I have always stated that the wrongdoers in Malaysia – those, who break the laws of the land, know the government policymakers psyche far too well!

It goes like this and it is a SOP that is today entrenched in our lives, sadly.

There is disaster, structures collapse, road caves in, train accidents, bus lorry plunges a ravine kills many, it can be fatalities on Malaysian highways, or the road carnage when overloaded heavy vehicles, many with retread tyres, drivers tired speeding to make repeat trips or others who have traffic violation and pending summons, many among them addicted to various forms of substance abuse are on our roads!

We must also take into account, the illegally modified vehicles speeding on the same stretched undeterred!

If one wants to analyze the reasons for these accidents, they could be any of these:
1. Urbanization
2. Poor safety standards
3. Corruption & lack f enforcement
4. Distraction/fatigue/substance abuse/drunk driving/speeding
5. Parental Negligence or recklessness!

The statute – the Road Transport Act has enough provisions to address and curtail this menace but there is a big ‘If’ on enforcement!

And because they are still on the road, they are a threat to life and limb of every law abiding road and highway user!

And immediately after fatalities, the SOP is, we have ministers, politicians the media falling or pushing and promising change, fearing public backlash, but, the change does not come, because of lobbyists and sitting politicians pussyfoot on the change needed, because they then speak not for the country but for the various interest groups and base they actually represent!

The latest is the issue on child car seats and the uncompromising need for it!

I congratulate the efforts of the Ministry of the Transport, for spearheading this development, and the Women, Family, and Community Development ministry for the proactive statements coming from them on the same!

There are still idiots attacking its implementation, which I found out when I was on a live television talk show, this week!
In many global jurisdictions, the laws pertaining to child car seats have been tabled passed and enforced without compromise!

In the US alone, between 1975 and 2008 more than 9000 children were indeed saved because of its non-compromising implementation!

Malaysia is home to about 32 million and perhaps a few more millions of both documented and those undocumented.
We can safely say that one third of the population is made up of children.

Malaysia has made great strides in reducing child poverty, eradicating diseases, legislation protecting children and access to education!

But what are we doing about child safety issues?

As far as accidents are concerned Malaysia is the third largest in this part of the world behind both Thailand and Vietnam.
Globally, we are among 25 most dangerous countries for road users.

We are advised that for every child that dies of dengue 30 die on the road.

Dangerous road stretches include those in Selangor, Johor, Kuala Lumpur, the national highways and several rural roads.

In several countries there is no argument against the introduction to child seats to protect children but sadly here in Malaysia there are silly, stupid statements made by many quarters and among them:
1. I have far too many little children, so must I buy seven seats and where do I put them in my small car?
2. I cannot afford a child seat.
3. You must give us more time for its implementation!
4. I trust God and if God wants my child dead it will happen even with child seats!
5. If the government wants to implement this ruling they should subsidize its costs as well.

No one wants to know that in 2016, accidents were the 4th cause of death after, heart disease, Pneumonia and Cerebrovascular disease.

Currently, I acknowledge that there is no laws mandating the use of child car seats, and, the announcement that January 1st 2020 will see its advent to me is hilarious, as I foresee a delay in its no compromise implementation, like all other implementations which includes the No Smoking Drive in public spaces,because of the hypocrisy and double speak among those expected to protect the public interest rather than that one of political expediency and self-interest!

Some scream out, we need more time – seriously?

I have been in the service of consumer interests for over 40 years and we have always pushed for the 5Es!
1. Education
2. Enforcement
3. Engineering for Social and Legal policies for child protection
4. Initiating an Environmental Eco-System for Child Protection.
5. Evaluation to audit that we keep up with the latest and current universal standards without compromise.

But we cannot continue if there is neither political will nor courage by lawmakers and enforcers to walk the talk!

With helmets, wearing seat belts and child seats, one’s risk of death is reduced, so forgive me, if I find those obstructing its strict implementation to be a bunch of hypocrites, idiots and morons, whose negligence and recklessness would be taken to task without fear nor favor, in any civilized law abiding country!