No would deny the fact that under President Vladimir Putin – Russia has managed to create a strong economy and industry.
Irrespective the fake news and propaganda from certain Western countries!

Addressing the socioeconomic conditions of that nation we cannot but state today thanks to his leadership, vision and professionalism Russians are far richer than any other European nation.

This can be easily and comprehensively seen in the presence of Russians investing and expanding their industry and corporate base and even as tourists visiting Asian, the West, and European and West Asian destinations and their investments!

If I am not wrong I think one of the very first calls of duty by Putin was restoring the Soviet Anthem with the new lyrics.

My diplomatic friends tell me that act was very symbolic for the whole nation, because the said anthem symbolized the greatness of Russia that Putin was going to bring back and he has!

As Russia’s leader Putin succeeded in overcoming the nation’s external debt as such their financial worth today is rock solid!

There is no need for the nation to indulge in any borrowing and in fact it is Russian who is providing international loans to needy nations!

Putin leadership also boosted the industrial development of the country.

Just for example, after 13 years of Putin’s administration and leadership – Russia has 25% of world’s gun market (the same 25% as the US, other countries share other 50%).

Russian industries are at the forefront of most modern technologies both for war and peace!

Their expertise, skills and development in designing anything from firearms, military soft and hardware is remarkable!

Their consumer index, performance and healthcare delivery system second to none as is their institutions of education!

On the other hand for consumer/civilian usage more than 80 percent of civilian cars in Russia are manufactured in Russia itself!

In the quest in space travel and exploration Russian is again in the forefront from designs, manufacturing and test launches.
President Putin has also destroyed all domestic threats from terrorism.

Recently he has led great thrusts in diplomacy international in the Middle East, West Asia, the European Union and Asia!

I noticed that President Putin’s Russia is a country of the traditional values.

The role of religions is very important where if I am not mistaken 75% of Russians are Russian Orthodox Christians but at the same juncture, other religions are also highly respected.

If one wants to look at the levels of oneness just visit the Russian city of Kazan which is the best example of Russian tolerance, where 50% of people there are Christians and another 50% being Muslims.

There are no conflicts and all demography respect the various traditions of one another unlike hypocrites elsewhere!

In fact, there is a very well-known Cathedral there as well.

Of late, Putin’s international leadership has addressed the hot spots in several countries bringing hope and peace.

Russia’s involvement in Syria being a classic example of that!

There is no doubt that it is President Vladimir Putin’s credentials as an international statesman with a vision at world peace that is now making the waves of proactive diplomacy the world over!

And it is in this quest, that I appeal to YOUR EXCELLENCY President Putin sir, to help my team and I to recover the debris of our aircraft MH370 (9M-MRO) which we tragically lost March 8th 2014 and bring closure to grieving families and relatives and my team and I!

This is my very humble appeal President Sir – please do help us!

May the ALMIGHTY continue to bless, protect and strengthen you, President Sir!

Best wishes,
Jacob George