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This is a disruptive, embarrassing and shocking behavior that must be probed!

It is really disruptive and concerning when hate exchanges like this take place in Malaysia!

This is the holy month of Ramadan, where the focus is at fasting, zakat, prayers, reading the holy Quran and abstaining from all bad deeds and staying humble!

When I was little, I remember Uncle Ngan, a devout and sincere Muslim, who was our neighbor with whom I spent a lot of time in Sungei Galah, Perak, telling me that during the 30 days of Ramadan followers of Islam pray and refrain from smoking, bad behavior — including cursing, gossiping or fighting — and impure thoughts.

But what we see in these pictures is shocking and the opposite.

This fiery exchange is alleged to have taken place in Kuah, Langkawi, Kedah in Malaysia.

A Police report has been made by the alleged victim, who claimed her car was badly damaged.

We cannot any longer pretend all is well.

The authorities, especially the Police, and leaders of this country must now engage the issues head on and address the down spiraling of race relations in our beloved country!

What is the message these women involved in this altercations in a public space, giving the children and audience there?

I trust the authorities will act speedily, after all, a Police report has been made.

It is time all of us play our role to address the rot and be peacemakers!

We cannot allow a few, to smear the good name of Islam and our beloved country as a peace loving multi racial, religious nation!

May the ALMIGHTY help us do the right thing!

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