Dato Jacob George

A nation can only be transformed when those calling for the transformation are people of integrity and political will!

When falsehood and double-talk is the key element in every kind of enterprise here – it is sheer hypocrisy to talk about transformation! Period! – Dr Jacob George


We are noted to be the perfect organizers and slogan shouters – no doubt about that!

Include dreamers, political magicians, soothsayers, naysayer and political predators and adventurers you get a great combination brew again, no surprises again!

Then we have the slogan throwing in the form of the over span ETP, GTP (Government Transformation Programme) and NKRAs (National Key Result Areas)!

If all these things had worked we will be up there and not still fire fighting and being over taken by all by our sheer reluctance and lack of political will to initiate real change – structural change!

To be honest what Malaysia needs is to pursue things with integrity, ethics, and corporate governance with serious structural changes to the way we do things!

A country I know which is the envy of the ‘Father of Malaysian Racism’ has never in their entire economic development structure gone on a media spin and publicity drive like this.

They just went and did it making sure there were no leakages; corruption, cost over-runs, cronyism,  and that the proposal would transform that nation and all its residents to enjoy its fruits and labor not selected groups close to the political elite!

Their public transport system, housing and green environment policy certainly a dream come true!

I am advised – that as a result recently they have added world-class integrated casinos cum resorts, they are working to upgrade their element in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industries and already they have a regional hub for shipping but now addressing a regional hub for aircraft maintenance and repairs.

So what can I say about the highly span open day program of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit’s (Pemandu) Economic Transformation Programme (ETP)!

In a nutshell again it was fabulous and bold attempt to give Malaysian ‘billions of dosages of high’ that indeed something like holistic transformation is about to take place.

On the surface the event certainly was a roaring success but like all former programs like this one it was flat with participants being left wondering, confused, fuzzy as even those expected to answer questions were clearly caught of the precise details and data and time lines of things!

As far as I was concerned several fundamental questions were not answered as I was aware if the proposals mooted were to see reality there was more work to be done prior from policy shifts (a sacred cow in Malaysia!), amendments to protocol, procedure and even laws which all has to still take place!

Elementary ‘Idris Jala boy’ elementary!

By nature, I am an optimist but here I could not but be utterly full of skepticism and shock that a show like this can even be thought of in present political and economical climate!

To put in a nutshell – Malaysia is in the quicksand where we are still struggling with issues like racism, marginalization, low wages, weak productivity, lack of skills and proactive visionary projections that have steered countries who were before behind but today have overtaken us like Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines!

We also have an obese public sector (above) which is highly incompetent and unproductive where duplication and wastage are the norms.

If we are serious about change we should start trimming our public service immediately and get rid of the pension scheme which will financially ruin us!

We are still caught up in a time warp – despite 53 years of independence and carrying on with the ‘slash and burn’ approach of huge capital investment, obese expensive infrastructure and basically play toys for the get rich scheme proponents among the politically connected which may leave this nation on the brink of bankruptcy!

Perhaps, these ideas need to be presented and debated in the country’s highest podium – the Parliament!

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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