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My dear Friends & Readers:

The Global Team working with me has come across and in possession of Satellite Imagery that has strong possibility, of being aircraft wreckage, thanks to a third party!

According to our volunteer experts, the source of the Satellite Imagery is credible!

Most importantly, the imagery is fully confirming to MH370 in size and shape.

However, in the public interest and to uphold accountability, before we release the imagery to the general public, we seek the services of an independent Satellite Imagery Expert to work with our global team to corroborate the materials first!

I reiterate here, that the Satellite Imagery has a firm location and is very consistent with several witness reports & drift analysis.

Also, the barnacles (allegedly found on a debris earlier) are allegedly of the warm water variety that also collaborates and matches the suspected location!

So if you are or aware of a Satellite Imagery Expert, who is desirous of working with a team of dedicated, passionate and honest public interest group, please do revert to me, on my email at

We thank you and blessings!

Privacy & Confidentiality assured throughout the process.

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