Dr Jacob George is president and legal adviser to the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa)


The truth is, times have changed and changed radically.

It is no more a directive top down hierarchy that works but one that needs to be steeped in collective leadership, accountability, good governance and transparency.

Warlords and bullish methodologies do not work any longer.

Neither threats of deserting the party if post not given as one 31 year old idiot told me claiming he represented a former deputy minister who should be given the seat to return to active politics!

He wanted me to speak to the Premier but I told him that both his political master and he are not only political opportunist but plain idiots!

They forget – the operative word is political diplomacy which is never the manner things were done within before!

Today voters want leaders who are role models and not alleged to be drunkards, womanizers, pimps, thugs and all those corrupt and vulgar.

And the truth is if indeed MIC – the third-largest BN component party – is to survive the next general elections there must be holistic change.

I am not talking about ‘Press Release Change’ – and – true, we can preach about training, leadership and management courses for division and branch leaders, of KPIs and all that but plainly that is all sheer poppycock!

As a political and public policy analyst, I am aware that we can announce well-worded press releases with all kinds and manners of spins but all these are to no avail in today’s political climate!

As I stated to a senior Minister last week, if political parties had carried out its boast that they will embrace a key performance indicator to gauge its leaders’ performance and party policy and directions – this matter would have been long resolved!

The feedback on the ground is firm and direct. They want to see change, holistic change and they want model leaders!

And as I direct my sights at the coming by-election at Hulu Selangor I cannot but lend my support and appeal to Premier Najib Tun Razak, that my dear friend, G Palanivel be given the Hulu Selangor seat to contest and initiate a Barisan Nasional resurrection in the state of Selangor!

I am confident G. Palanivel will win the seat handsomely as he has been working in the consistency relentlessly.

I believe G Palanivel is the man to lead the move to regain ‘lost ground and the lost Indian votes’ but time is of the essence and I sincerely pray, he will be given that opportunity sooner rather than later.

I am certain that the winning margin will be above the 2000 mark!


Our campaign against RACISM AND GENOCIDE of all forms!

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