There is so many events taking place simultaneously and we record our sincere appreciation to all those who have been communicating with us throughout and assisting us.

We record our sincere thanks to the Malaysian home Office and their agencies, the office of the foreign ministry, our diplomats assisting us in collating important data!

Malaysia’s transport and defense ministries as well.

Of course, we have not forgotten our own legal team preparing the various responses to recent events to be initiated in Malaysia and other jurisdictions.

Most importantly, we are uplifted at the prospects of the private initiated investigations and searches through personal and crowd funding with interest groups managed by an appointed legal firm for our four sites of super great interests to uphold accountability.

Those skill sets of experts, experienced divers with equipment, coming on board to assist, some pro bono are uplifting!

And in the background of certain SIO prophets and evangelists going on record privately post our January 16th blow-back stating that they may be missing important pieces of this puzzle and probably some pieces that are not correct.

That they need to shake things up because the path they are pursuing is not producing a way forward, like ours is?

A compliment indeed!

The IIT370/CASSA MALAYSIA team here has been consistent and thanks to recent experts providing us satellite data, other sophisticated information of 2014, words of encouragement and support, we are getting confident that we are on track to solving the greatest aviation mystery of the century, despite all the threats diverted at us!

We are not upset at the comments, debris hunting and recycling by those so emotionally and psychologically compromised due to their own personal loss in this tragedy and their failure to lead or think out of the box!

We understand their predicament and their sense of loyalty!

But, those really trained, experienced and competent in the law, should know that eye witness testimony, their collaboration in a chain of events citing detailed similarities in an event from point to point should raise red flags!

Moe so with no adverse influence and impropriety!

Here, we have that from individuals who have gone on record in East Peninsula Malaysia, when we first lost the aircraft, to the West Peninsula Malaysia, and a number of fishermen and others from different parts of Sumatra, all saying that the aircraft was severely damaged and it was smoking, all clearly pointing to an event internally or externally, which crippled it, from continuing its journey to China with its wide range of intelligence and skill set passengers and its super valuable cargo?

The aircraft would have crashed there, post that incident, but for the super skilled and competent Captain in the cockpit!

Despite the clear and present danger still out there he flew a damaged passenger aircraft hoping to land in Penang but never made it!

The aircraft was severely damaged, all on board probably dead and with fuel depleting one brave final act was initiated – that ditch mode!

The eyewitness accounts in Sumatra from more than 7 sources, all in different points gives indications that she lies on the ocean floor therein in less than 120 meters of water!

First, if all eye witness accounts are to be believed of a damaged MH370, that malicious account of pilot suicide was the product of wild, devious and convoluted minds undertaking the wishes of their handlers, who do not want the aircraft found?

So my team and I believe, there were various forms of debris – those naturally that reached points due to ocean currents, those planted and staged for a media narrative and others, recycled to address the spirally down interests from point to point, on this tragedy in the light of many other aircraft crashes, severe loss of lives and the despicable behavior of its manufacturer and owners!

Our team members are so full of surprises and they just showed me on a spread sheet, just how easy it is to swap the times around on the INMARSAT data, remember that is how the data was then presented and sold – on a spread sheet.
Leave the Ping arcs positions alone and only change by reversing the spreadsheet layout to the times, then the arc 7 becomes the first ping arc and so on back to arc 1 which becomes the last ping arc and look where arc 1 lays, it is a fair across the fisherman’s site of interest.

Interesting, our team of experts tell me – Arc 7 cuts across Mike McKay’s sight line from the Songa Mercur and all that needs to be changed is the times the arcs were laid down – written on the spread sheet.

I am sure this was a very basic mistake in laying out the spreadsheet and not the handiwork of very devious minds and stakeholders, who do not want that aircraft ever found.