Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh is due in Town!

IRCON’s Managing Director – Mohan Tivari is also in Town!

So is Malaysia lead conman and fraudster Bala Devan S/o A. Theaivendiram @Brickfields Kannan going to meet them and ask why he did not get major contracts on the Seremban to Gemas stretch of the double track railway project?

More so after collecting millions of ringgit from unsuspecting victims and industry players which includes contractor after alleging an ‘understanding’ with India’s Ministry of Railways and IRCON?

And claiming he bought expensive gifts and paid monies to the powers that be in Chennai and Delhi?

So Bala Devan – if you are reading this blog @and I am sure you are despite in hiding from impending Police arrest – please do not forget to get ‘future contracts’ (pun intended) even though despite all your wild claims and heavy money collection you were not able to deliver even a contract worth RM10/- and so much to your stupid claims!

1. The above is the photo fit of Malaysia’s pathological liar and conman Bala Devan A. Theaivendiram ‘Kannan’!

2. Read/See for yourself (below) these are just samples and there are more to come - pathological liar and conman Bala Devan’s many different strokes in signing off contracts and undertaking letters after taking monies from his victims!

I am advised – that he is still ‘active’ and moving around in his mistress car, public transport or in a red white taxi driven by his side kick!

He has a new prepaid number.

India’s lead Media have reported on him I am advised taking reports from this blog and Malaysia’s lead Media revelations on conman Kannan – Bala Devan who claims links to politicians and civil servants in India!

A 30 page dossier on Malaysia’s lead conman and pathological liar, Brickfield’s Scott Road’s ‘Kannan’ or Bala Devan s/o A. Theaivendiram 57 has been handed over to the Home Affairs Minister and the Commercial Crime Head!

Next the Anti Corruption Agency will be briefed as well!

While – lead newspapers continued its coverage on this fraud urging to Police to apprehend this 57 year old who has cheated many individuals and companies!

Notorious  Bala Devan who is still at large had claimed he is connected to the powers that be both in Malaysia and India and in a position to give out various government projects packages and the Seremban to Gemas Double Track Project and the Malacca to Tampin and other rail jobs which includes the refurbishment of KTMB’s carriages!

To date it is alleged more than RM7 Million has been collected over the last 12 years!

A special dossier will be sent to the Indian Prime Minister and friends in the ruling Congress party through diplomatic circles as well to assist in this probe from their end!

The dossier will contain a comprehensive exposure of the various police reports against ‘Kannan’ Bala Devan Theaivendiram and other evidence – the more than a decade of fabrication, fraud, cheating, swindle that left a trail filled of innocent victims, lawyers, unemployed, contractors, industry captains, businessmen and women, and others!

This saga has moved in circuit linking Malaysia to India, its Ministry of Railway, the Railway Board, and the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Office and in Malaysia the Ministry of Works and IRCON office at KL Sentral and KTMB!

It is a trail of deception, deceit, of lies.

It was a trail left behind by a professional conman and fraudster, a womanizer, smooth talker who speaks several Indian subcontinent languages!

Recently, there are also allegations that Bala Devan has being issuing threats against those who spoke out against him which includes me!

More Police reports are expected and pressure added to bring him to justice!

Instead of issuing death and bodily harm threats, Bala Devan should have the courage, decency and ethical value to face his victims and their mountains of documentary evidence and paper trail at Bukit Aman!

Instead of doing so he continues to run and hide for the coward he is and has been after ruining so many people’s lives and professions!

A living disgrace to friends and family!

Meanwhile we still ask:

1. Who gave him that confidential letter of award between Malaysian and India?

2. How did he get control of the total specifications, drawings, pricing of the entire Seremban to Gemas project which he attempted to sell at RM5 Million at one time but had no takers?

3. Who gave him the two letters claimed to be Ministry of Railway’s Railway Board letters? (See Blog posting part 4 on this subject) Was that leak from the Ministry of Work? 

4. Who gave him that recent letter written by Ircon International Managing Director to Malaysia’s Transport Minister?

5. Who is A.P. Misra and what is his role in all these allegations? Is he also a victim or a player? Who is this Daisy too? Who were his link in Ministry of Railways India and IRCON if any? What was Tamil Nadu’s role in this?

6. Who were the other directors of Zen Bridge Sdn Bhd and Era Phoenix Sdn Bhd with Bala Devan s/o A. Theaivendiram?

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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