This is conman ‘on the run’ the notorious pathological liar – BALA DEVAN S/O A. THEAIVENDIRAM!

Within the next 96 hours more victims will go public with allegations that this shenanigan presented himself as an individual working closely with India’s Ministry of Railways, the Railway Board and their contractor IRCON INTERNATIONAL who has their office here at Kuala Lumpur Sentral!

More Police Reports would then be made re-opening this matter so that once and for all we will know the truth in details and Bala Devan cannot continue to lie and despicably cheat innocent lives!

And we expect the Police to do their work then according, something they should have done when a Police Report was made in 2006 by a lady lawyer!

Below are samples of his continued lies and fraud – there are victims to his repeated lies and fraud for over a decade and how much more before the Police arrest this man!

Or are we going to listen to his bull shit stories that all these police reports and claims from Malaysians from all over Malaysia are a conspiracy against him!

And what is so great about him anyway?

Bala Devan is an unemployed 56 year old and has been for many years who spends his whole life cheating innocents with his bullshit!

Read/See for yourself (below) these are just samples and there are more to come -  pathological liar and conman Bala Devan’s many different strokes in signing off contracts and undertaking letters after taking monies from his victims!

He even claimed he was working with Indian Officials – and with that claim and with price sensitive information, the full and complete specification of the Seremban to Gemas Double Track Railway Project awarded to India by the Government he went on a cheating spree!

I mean the complete drawings, graphics, specifications, government letters and correspondences with prices of both the Malaysian government, of India’s and the price difference where a prospective contractor should position himself in IRCON tender or direct negotiations exercise!

He drove in a borrowed Mercedes registration number XXX22 and another a Silver XXX50 both of which he wrecked before returning to its owners!

When asked today where the cars are he is alleged to have told victims that ‘one is having gear box trouble the second had its crankshaft broken into two!’

Thank God – Now we have independent Malaysians some of them VVIPs and Industry Captains who have identified Bala Devan’s alleged link to all this from the Indian front namely New Delhi!

They will go on record sooner than expected!

‘That man’ – was identified and he had served in Malaysia more than a decade ago (perhaps that’s the time Bala Devan befriended him!) and there are also stories circulating on that tenure just as there are on others recently from having received kickbacks from contractors here and of sexual impropriety!

But that is for another day and time!

But if BALA DEVAN S/O A. THEAIVENDIRAM was not directly or indirectly sanctioned by either the Ministry of Railways, the Railway Board and IRCON INTERNATIONAL – they should as I advised them immediately take advertisements in the Malaysian newspapers denouncing and distancing themselves themselves from a man who has hurt and destroyed the lives of many innocent Malaysians and ‘smeared their good name!’

It is also pertinent that the Indian Media namely the TIMES OF INDIA and THE HINDU conduct an investigation on the claims made herein!

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