‘Dear Dr Jacob George,

My name is KP and I am writing to express my utter dissatisfaction with Telekom Malaysia.

I applied for Streamyx roughly 6 weeks ago and till today I have yet to receive my service for my land line (03 xxxxxxxx)

About 6 weeks ago when I first submitted my application I was told there would not be any delay!

So, I applied for a 4MB Streamyx option and was told that I would be contacted in latest 7 days about my application.

I visited TM Point, Taman Desa on the 8th day only to find out that the 4MB service is not offered in my condominium.

I was truly disappointed and upset. Not only did I waste my time making trips to TM Point but I had wasted 1 week anticipating my broadband. I am self-employed thus, I work from home.

The incompetence of TM Points staff’s has directly affected my productivity.

Aware of my predicament, I downgraded my application to 1MB on the 23rd of January and waited for 2 more weeks before I paid TM Point another visit.

This time, I was told the port was full. After speaking to the manager, I learned that it was actually a cable damage that hampered the application. And I was told by the Manager of TM Point Taman Danau Desa that he would personally call me to update me within a week.

Now, first, I was not made aware of the service availability and second, they have deliberately lied to me that the port was full when in actual fact it was a faulty cable.

During this time your ineptitude I have spent hundreds of ringgit in café’s with internet service and it has cost my level of productivity very dearly.

Instead of being able to work around the clock in the comfort of my own home, I have to move around from cafes to cafes seeking the best connection.

As a result of their disregard and bungling incompetence, my web marketing site which was due 6 weeks ago has not been able to go live. And this has terribly affected my revenue stream. 

I have just made a call to TM for a status update, and I was told I should cancel my application because they are not sure when it will be fulfilled.

Is this the kind of service provided by Malaysia’s number 1 broadband provider?

If so, they should be ashamed.


(Name & Contact withheld)  


Dr Jacob George responds:

I am certain KP is not the only consumer who is irritated at the lack of quality and professionalism shown.

In my own case – the quality of TM service and in fact Streamyx is shockingly disgusting!

They should know as I call them daily complaining myself and echoing the irritations of hundreds who call on us to articulate their grouses!

We are paying a bunch of idiots RM88/- monthly for what – service disruptions and lack of service?

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!


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