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Last Sunday, President Donald Trump offered a message when he called on the Arab and Muslim world, to confront extremism, during a highly anticipated speech in the birthplace of Islam!

In his much anticipated address, to all those who gathered there, some there play acting and photo shoots, others, allegedly, masterminds and strategic planners of international terrorism, others who pay just lip service to all forms, types and acts of terror and abductions, on the civil society, soft targets, minorities in their own countries!

I take offense of individuals who want that limelight on the trump stage, but privately offer awards, safe havens, citizenship, permanent residence and finances to terrorists, supremacist race and religion propagators, hate mongers and inciters!

Those who are funding directly, indirectly, through proxies to “charity organizations and setting up of religious schools, kindergartens and hostels in urban and rural heartlands, which are actual fronts for the propagation of terrorism in its most vulgar form!

As an international consumerist and human rights advocate, I am glad that US President Trump, stated quite clearly, that better ties and future is only possible, if those in that fora drive out the terrorists and extremists!

He stated specifically, to his audience of dozens of Muslim leaders to ‘drive the terrorists out of their places of worship, out of one’s communities, out of their holy land, drive them out of the earth and I will include, out of our political parties, non-governmental organizations, our civil and administrative services, the institutions of education and higher education, our media organizations, both electronic and print, to start with!

The said speech during the initial stop of the president’s first foreign trip, Trump also emphasized quite rightly that “this is not a battle between different faiths, different sects, or different civilizations.

This is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life, and decent people of all religions who seek to protect it.”

His warning came clearly when he stated that, if we do not stand in uniform condemnation of these killing, we not only will be judged by our people, history, but by God himself!

Well put, President sir!

But sadly, the message came while, this part of the world saw 24 people been injured in a bomb explosion at Phramongkutklao Hospital, which is popular with retired military officers!

The authorities, I am advised, are now busy analyzing the pieces, fragments, and ordinances that was used to make the bomb, hoping it will give vital clues to who these perpetrators of evil are!

For the record, that attack came just weeks after a double explosion at a shopping center in Pattani, southern Thailand, which injured at least 50 people.

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Sadly, just when you thought all is returning to normalcy in the UK, at least more than 22  people were killed in a blast at a concert in the English city of Manchester, yesterday where US singer Ariana Grande had been performing!

How did UK law enforcement agencies, Scotland Yard, MI5 or MI6, miss this on their radar?

Now we learn at the time of this writing. at least 50 people were injured, and this incident is being treated as a terrorist incident, though no one has claimed responsibility yet!

I am also advised that Police carried out a controlled explosion on a suspect’s device several hours after the blast.

Which implies it is still an active zone where threats exists!

If the authorities there confirms this as a terrorism incident, it would be the deadliest attack, in Britain by militants since, four British Muslims killed 52 people in suicide bombings on London’s transport system in July 2005.

But like I stated, terrorism has many forms and faces!

Let us not be deceived!

It is not always suicide bombers, bombs, explosions, body parts, blood tears, and physical carnage and property damage!

In some countries, like Malaysia, because of the superb and professional work of law enforcement agencies, the above is avoided, but, there are other forms of “terror” like political threats, incitement, race and religious baiting, verbal and abuse attacks on minorities, mob justice, through a race, religion supremacy propagation, the weaponisation of religion, and lately, the ultimate terror let loose, the abduction of individuals and religious leaders of minority faiths!

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For example, it is over 100 days, since Pastor Raymond Koh was abducted, and there has been no updates into his and certain others, disappearance.

In its place, a cold, ugly, eerie silence instead, permeates!

Then, we have two incidents, where political operatives, adventurers and shenanigans, are hard at work, to create race and religious unrest in a multi-racial, religious country flaunting its moderate credentials before the global world.

The situation made worst by fabrication and lies, aided and abetted by some malicious, irresponsible print and electronic media!

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In the first, a slapping incident at a TN50 dialogue, in the presence of Malaysia’s premier, which was live and televised nationally.

The attacker, in full view of TV cameras, committed criminal offenses, for which he can be charged under Sections 351 and 321 of the Malaysian Penal Code.

These offenses are respectively, assault and voluntarily causing hurt.

But inexplicably, while this ‘circus unfolds’, we have a situation where third parties and mobs, claiming to be NGOs make seditious statement, threats, and create an atmosphere of fear and terror, among common folks and peace loving law abiding Malaysians, and calling on the victim of that incident to apologize failing which, they will initiate certain actions?

Who are they?

Who elected them?

By whose political umbilical cord do they operate?

By what legal authority, statutes do they continue their illegal activities, of incitement, sedition, threats of bodily harm and criminal damage?

And finally, when one thought there is no new strains of evil, forthcoming, we have a member of an educational institution, stalking an elected representative and speaker accusing her of proselytization, a claim which is totally flawed, malicious and seditious!

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And the elected representative alleged sin, she a devout Christian wrote her autobiography, where she shared how her faith as a Christian, helped her in her political journey!

The pertinent question is, in any civilized and educated society, what is wrong with drawing strength from one’s faith in life and in politics?

As far as I am concerned, if, as leaders and statesmen, we cannot address these issues holistically, in truth, tenets of justice and fair play, we have no business participating in any fora on terrorism or extremism!

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