“My team and I have video recordings of interviewed witnesses who have claimed they visually witnessed the aircraft hit the waters in a ditching fashion.”



Lunatics masquerading as media, aviation experts, NGO leads, debris planters and finders, the industry players, those who created a mathematical formula that cannot be explained have all carried and damaged the episode of a missing aircraft carrying 239 crew and passengers!

Did those who had power over satellites and radar look the other way and played along with the principal piped piper?

As a result, all of us were put in a position where we were at odds, each defending their own turfs, versions and narratives and as long as we did that some were busy with the greatest cover up, since the assassination of a former US President!

When Malaysians and the IIT370 led by me took control of the narrative, we asked pertinent questions whether debris were really planted, or a high powered politician changed the finding and true narrative when he single handedly misled the world, made a miscall giving the impression that a very damaged, crippled, smoking aircraft crashed off his country or closer to the South Indian Ocean.

We cannot also avoid the claims and allegations of coastal people who claimed one particular person offered them money as that latter manipulated the scene and story of the narrative aided and abetted by a certain notorious few TV channels and writers of aviation stories?

Even once well-respected 60 minutes program went on a deceptive frolic!

And to others, a rogue pilot decided to murder all on flight as he was either upset over issues politically or worst, that the act was because of a love relationship gone sour?

On the other hand, I was attacked viciously and with claims that I was the former premier’s crony or operative, and my job description, included trolling and spying according to the annals of a Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum or Ian Fleming novel!

That was not enough they created Facebook pages and even twitter accounts, trolled my statements and demonized and defame me!

Only to all disappear when there were Police reports made to the security apparatus!

I received death threats, my family members in Australia were threatened because there was an individual who had claimed having strong support within the Australian government, which includes the ATSB?

We checked and found this to be untruthful!

Now the Malaysian security apparatus have the names of these individuals!

Recently there was an article by a newspaper in Western Australia, where a second rate journalist, repeats these allegations and lies!

What ever happened to the well cited notion of audi alteram partem?

If you do not know Latin, let me explain!

It is the principle that no person should be judged without a fair hearing in which each party is given the opportunity to respond to the evidence or allegations against them.

If the media or a journalists fails to acknowledge this, they are in the wrong business!

The epicenter of these allegations seem to be a fake story, that I happened to run ahead of the narrative planned in Western Australia with a local TV station where I seem to have stolen their thunder?

The story is that I was trolling them, and the fact is, if only they had checked my passport, they would have known, neither I nor anyone, I know were there, though threats were issued by a particular individual against my poor unsuspecting family members, who are also Australian citizens!

So how did we know?

Perhaps, one should instead question one particular individual, the gay partner of a certain gay person instead, who is alleged to be on site that day and who had alerted the world at large!

And the news spread!

Now, the secret is out, with this all sorted out now, let us address the real issue – where is 9M-MRO or MH370?

My team and I have video recordings of interviewed witnesses who have claimed they visually witnessed the aircraft hit the waters in a ditching fashion.

Prior to that, it was gliding right to left, left to right like a broken kite and there was a foul smell of acidity and thick black smoke like post a fire!

The witnesses were meters from the site of impact where the aircraft hit the water and after a few minutes, it sank.

The frightened witnesses circled the area but there were no bodies or any debris coming out except for the thick smoke and an atmosphere of deep foul smell of acid which created breathing difficulties to those witnesses!

They reached out to the authorities and even made reports and affidavits but they were ridiculed and stonewalled by all and sundry.

The international media arrived but before anything could come, a certain foolish politician of a certain country made a premature statement that changed the narrative altogether!

This coupled with allegations that certain operatives were given pieces of debris allegedly by certain sources to mislead as time was needed for a submarine to extract precious collateral and this further aided by others speculating and driving untruthful claims and sightings over the Maldives and other places, which includes now, that the aircraft was seen in various sites over Western Australia, the real ditch site was over looked in its entirety till we arrived!

Over a month ago, a team of us interviewed the witnesses again and their narrative had not changed!

The only difference, they gave us the exact GPS ordinance where the remains of that aircraft are!

This evidence inexplicably, correlates together with satellite images of what seems to be an aircraft in the sea taken 2014 raises more questions than answers which only the Malaysian government can address!

Those pictures have now inexplicably disappeared though the team has managed to save screenshots of them!

We have prepared a comprehensive dossier on this and we will hand it over to the Malaysian Prime Minister for his advice and action.

There is of course Plan B as well!

This is the best I can do and I will stand down post this!