‘It is the Prime Minister who decides who will actually make up the Cabinet, and what portfolios will be assigned to each person – period!’


This is the problem with certain political parties youth wings!

They think they know all!

They cannot even grasp the real reasons for the victory at GE14!

They are cocky, arrogant, presumptions, unaware that the present opposition was defeated but not over-run and they still have a political life!

And if indeed the winners of GE14 keep reading the fig leaves wrongly or commit far too many U-turns and lack of political finesse they will be also replaced at GE15!

So again questioning the new Cabinet lineup for whatever reasons is foolish at best!

When one speaks of that the lineup did not reflect the “people’s aspirations” what does one mean?

Just because one party or another had won the most parliamentary seats does not make ‘Jack Shit!’ as far as the Cabinet composition is concerned!

My advice to these youth novices trying to be overnight political gladiators is just shut up!

If you are so powerful than you should have been fielded and won!

Once a Prime Minister is appointed it is his or her decision to name their cabinet!

A practice that is universally practiced!

Of course there could be discussions and advice and feedback being sought by the premier but no the final decision is entirely the premiers!

It is his cabinet!

Only a mental retard would suggest ‘practicing decision-making based on consensus under the guise that we need to build a new Malaysia new political culture at cabinet level?’

These misled vices should be careful as I asked a very pertinent quest weeks ago whether we had replaced one set of political shenanigans with another!

Seriously it is not yet 100 days after GE14 and just when you least expect it, they showed their true colors!

One wants to be foreign minister and unashamedly goes on record trying to justify it while others continue to lobby?

Perhaps, they think this is justified as the spoils of war or put in another way, the justification for most seats won?

But it is obvious their inexperience, lack of vision, ability to lead, humility begins to surface and embarrass the millions who made sacrifices to make their votes count!

Within a month that has been forgotten?

This is a disgrace indeed!

For these individuals, let me give you a quick course on the Prime Minister’s prerogative as is the convention globally unless you individuals are trying to rewrite it?

It is customary for the Prime Minister to exercise many of the powers that were formerly under the discretion of the Monarchy.

While these powers technically still belong to the Monarchy in certain jurisdictions, they are exercised completely on the advice of the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister, for example, decides when to dissolve Parliament and when to call a general election.

It is even customary for the Prime Minister to choose who will be the Governor of certain states.

As for forming the Cabinet much of that is the power enjoyed by a Prime Minister and stems from his or her authority to form the Cabinet.

It is the Prime Minister who decides who will actually make up the Cabinet, and what portfolios will be assigned to each person.

Accordingly, Ministers owe their allegiance to the Prime Minister, who can promote or demote them, ask for their resignation, and, if necessary, dismiss them from Cabinet altogether.

These powers tend to keep Ministers clean, humble, both submissive and supportive of the Prime Minister and his/her policies and priorities.

That is not all, as appointing public servants in addition to appointing Cabinet Ministers, the Prime Minister also has the power to dictate who holds many key offices in the public service.

This includes the appointment of Senators, Supreme Court judges, deputy ministers, and heads of government agencies, boards, and corporations.

The ability to exercise such power helps keep a Prime Minister’s ‘followers’ on side, while allowing a Prime Minister to impose his/her ideological stamp on much of government.

In this way, a Prime Minister who believes in a particular vision of how government should function can use the powers of the Prime Minister’s Office to appoint persons of like-minded thinking to key government positions.

These are not all, as in addition to these responsibilities, the Prime Minister also has significant powers over the actual organization of government.

Subject to usual routine of Parliamentary approval, the Prime Minister has the ability to create new departments and agencies, transform or abolish old ones, and privatize or nationalize industries and corporations.

He or she also has the power to assign specific mandates and priorities to individual government departments and agencies, with or without the permission of the responsible Cabinet Minister.

Now let us get to the meat of today’s argument, lest we forget, the Prime Minister is often seen as the nation’s chief diplomat.

This is particularly true in the modern era of summit diplomacy when Heads of Governments regularly meet with one another on a face-to-face basis.

Let us as voters remind all and sundry that the number of seats won at GE14 are neither the justification nor priority for ministerial appointments but a well-rounded and experienced academic background, talent, experience, zero tolerance to corruption and humility!

I remind these political upstarts that the fact is and will remain, that without Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad coming out of retirement and doing the impossible, Barisan Nasional (BN) would have won with all the super cheating, the present ‘Prime Minister in waiting’ would be serving his full term in prison and out of politics for good and another would be serving time in prison!

Several others would have been charged for sedition and other offenses as well?

I appeal to all the winners of GE14, please do carry yourselves with dignity and decorum of office and not as political predators and scavengers treating positions in politics as the spoils of war!