There are far too many noises and entrenched positions taken that will make the distraction and highlights no matter who takes the helm of investigating the disappearance of MH370 (9M-MRO)!

After over four years there is still far too much anger, emotional fallout and roller coaster anxiety swings!

Some want their pound of flesh in the form of assignment of blame, a rapid fire between government agencies but is this acceptable?

This is why universally investigators and those who spearhead leads to be objective and visionary cannot come from those who have virtually personal interest or personal loss in a tragedy!

The objectivity goes off the window!

The media – what about them?

They want to sensationalize news!

They want a smoking gun as it adds to their branding and career lift!

But they are also Super Street smart as they have not taken their respective governments to task either!

Starting with the Americans and the Australians!

Why such kid gloves treatment to both the US and Australia and to the manufacturer and the engine producer?

The perfect line I heard and I do not blame for once this team who had manned this narrative when they say – ‘Dato we cannot determine with any certainty” why Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014.

Far too many imponderable and added with the conspiracy theories floating about, some play up replayed by certain NOKs, NGOs types, writers on social media masquerading as journalist uploading, updating whatever is in the media/social media traffic thinking they are doing the course a great service in information dispensation?

This also includes the super busy bodies!

So echoing what the lead investigator Dr Kok Soo Chon shared with me and he was super honest about his when he stated that the investigative team is unable to determine the real reason for the disappearance when he released that massive 495-page report today 30th July in Putrajaya!

A great deal of work went in and among them that 9M-MRO (MH370) turned back, and that had to be done under manual control.

Of course as I concluded with my friends at the IIT370 there were super misgivings, incompetence, and vicarious liability and basically failures by those on the ground, in positions of command and control, after the plane diverted from its planned flight path, with Ho Chi Minh failing to notify Chinese authorities when the plane failed to make contact with them, and then air traffic controllers failed to initiate emergency procedures, thereby delaying any search and rescue.
Interestingly where were our super professional Malaysians while all these were happening?

Sleeping on the job?

Even post tragedy early days we were having a super circus both at the press conferences and at Sama Sama Hotel at Sepang, with ‘juveniles’ handing corporate communications and crisis management!

And what happened to the key intervention by the Singaporeans without which everyone still be celebrating or in comatose?

No mention about the super efficiency of the Singaporeans why – ashamed that they showed us to be absolutely incompetent?

Today at the media briefing my learned friend also dismissed all those super conspiracy theories about the plane and its pilots, and ruled out plane malfunction as a contributing factor.

But inexplicably the possibility that a third party was involved in the demise of the plane was left in the air?

As for me the team lead answered with dedication, accountability with what his team and he had!

And throughout the session he took pains to revisit, reassure that this was not the final report neither that he was not willing with his team to meet stakeholders!

But he was very professional enough to put caveats where it was needed and basically run the field on their term of office.
No one is happy where we are at today!

No one in that hall I can say had a monopoly of righteousness either.

It is easy to accord the blame game!

This has been rather long for my team and I too as I remember only too well in London then informed that this Boeing 777 left Kuala Lumpur at 12:41am local time, bound for Beijing, with 12 crew and 227 passengers on board and never came home!

We have had the most expensive search of aviation history not once, but, twice!

As for the report before some gun trotting media cowboy continues to target us Malaysians remember a fact!

This report was prepared in consultation with seven other countries, including Australia, USA, China, Indonesia and the UK, who endorse its findings.

So before the western dominated media spanners continue accusing Malaysians of a cover up remember – this report was in collaboration with your country as well!

And to those morons who went on a talk show months ago claiming this was cold blooded murder cum suicide bear in mind the findings of the investigative team that there was no evidence to blame either dear friend Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah or First Officer Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27!

Putting it legally the investigation found no anomalies or abnormal circumstances around the lives of the two men in charge.

The last positively fix was made by surveillance systems at the northern tip of Sumatra, which now raises key questions about the statement made both in affidavit and to media with our team at IIT370 by witnesses seeing with their naked eye seeing the aircraft hit the water in Northern Sumatra!

And desirous to meet both Premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed and newly minted Transport Minister to share their experience and provide the GPS, ordinance and footage of the event!

As I told the investigative team today – it is a great opportunity to debunk the claims after all the area is close, shallow compared to the SIO and we have independent witnesses!

What do we have to lose?

I rest my case – period!