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There are reports that the three Malaysian students who were questioned by the Greater Manchester Police in relation to the Manchester bombing were purportedly “traumatised” by the experience.


What do you expect from the Greater Manchester Police and for that matter, any honest, qualified, politically free, decent, committed, professional, law abiding individual on Her Majesty’s Service post a crime of this magnitude?

Look the other way?

Are you expecting preferential treatment of some form, based on race and religion?

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The kind that allows those behind Christian and minority religion bashing, race and religious baiting, seditious utterances, threats, abductions, assaults, a daily dose of abuse on one’s personal faith and walk with God as a politician, and innuendos  by a wide group of basically bullies and thugs, and among them,  a lecturer, political NGOs, politicians, certain retired members of the judiciary, mischievous vernacular media and let us not forget, the two rascal journalists, who went and partook in the sacred Holy Communion at a Catholic Church pretending to be Christians, only to spit out the contents and photograph them, belittling one of the Abrahamic faiths, not be investigated or charged under the Sedition Act 1948 and Section 298A of the Penal Code?

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Are we not worried about the trauma of families, whose members were abducted, of god fearing politicians who share their faith in an honest autobiography, violently accused of proselytizing by politically manufactured claims, fabrication and allegations, in short, the weaponising of race and religion, at each and every facet of Malaysian life, while politicians look the other way, and have the audacity to claim, we are moderates at international fora!

More importantly, in this incident do you not think, that the traumatized British society who opened their hearts, minds and doors to facilitate the resettling of a migrant population in their midst, now questioning their government, whether that was the right move in the midst of horrific, barbaric and vulgar attack, on soft targets going to enjoy a concert on a warm summer evening should be the focus and not these students?

What did these Malaysian students or their Wisma Putra handlers expect?

This is embarrassing!

Welcome to the real world and well done, Greater Manchester Police, MI5, Scotland Yard and all the relevant members of the security apparatus walking the telephone lines, working the hours to make certain the security and safety of those in Britain are secured!

In fact, I was informed by a high ranking diplomat here in Britain, that this is going to be a “standing protocol” going forward, in all Western capitals that have such attacks and a huge student population from identified “extremist and terrorist tolerating countries”, and now in global view, the involvement of Malaysians, in many terrorist hot spots around the world, which includes Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines!

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In fact, the no nonsense tolerating British interior minister, dear friend, Amber Rudd has already gone on record that members of Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi’s network are still potentially at large!

In my walkabout in Manchester, and conversations with families hurt, shocked and mourning and others in the marketplace, there is a lot of sadness but one, with the resolve that those behind this heinous and barbaric crime and bombing, in whatever capacity and form, which killed 22 people at a concert hall on a warm summer evening will not get away, period!

At this moment, like millions others around the world, I am more concerned for the families, mourning their loss, and what is happening around eight hospitals in and around, the northern English city, which treated 116 casualties injured in the blast after the concert on Monday evening and the 23 who now remain in critical care.

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I think the atmosphere here is best summed up by the description by HRH the Queen when she visited Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, where she met doctors, nurses and members of the emergency services who responded to the attack that killed 22 people!

This attack was “dreadful. Very wicked … to target that sort of thing” HRH stated!

As for us instead of moaning, let us act!

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We should not blame the UK or any other countries authorities for doing this, as Malaysia has become a top exporter of IS terrorists and concubines.

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We have even offered permanent residence to Zakir Naik, who has been banned in many countries including Singapore for promoting religious hatred and terrorism!

He is alleged to have fled from India immediately after an investigation against him was initiated last July and Times of India further quoted sources who said Zakir is believed to be on the move between United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, African and Southeast Asian countries.

Rather than constantly issuing “official and cosmetic condemnations” of terrorist attacks which ring hollow after some time, Islamic authorities worldwide should make a concerted effort to re-educate Muslims about how to live harmoniously in a multi-religious society, and to ex-communicate those who have extremist tendencies!

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