Let us look at the facts so far!

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370), registered as 9M-MRO, was a scheduled international passenger flight that disappeared on 8 March 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia, to its destination, Beijing Capital International Airport in China.

The said plane a Boeing 777-200ER was operated by Malaysia Airlines.

According to reports, it made its last voice contact with air traffic control at 01:19 MYT, 8 March (17:19 UTC, 7 March) when it was over the South China Sea, less than an hour inexplicably after takeoff.

According to reports and claims MH370 disappeared from air traffic controllers’ radar screens at 01:22 MYT.

Ironically a fact that came later was that Flight 370 was still tracked on Malaysia’s military radar as it deviated westwards from its planned flight path and crossed the Malay Peninsula.
It left the range of Malaysian military radar at 02:22 while over the Andaman Sea, 200 nautical miles (370 km) north-west of Penang in north-western Malaysia.

MH370 was carrying 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 15 nations.

Without an iota of doubt this matter was a total communication nightmare, a cork up for the Malaysian authorities who failed miserably crisis managing all the stakeholders, the data, message and plan of action going forward.

They paid then and still do a huge price for underestimating the power and intelligence of the international media and the resolve of the stakeholders!

There were major negative communication episodes with the families of those on MH370 both here and in China.

No one denies the home team worked hard but did they disclose all, were transparent, accountable, work smart and used the best communication and strategic individual well respected in the land and globally in the process?

No, despite his offer!

As a result after a never ending – ‘yes we found it no, we did not episodes’ a multinational search effort for the aircraft, the largest and most expensive in aviation history was launched creating expectation from all stakeholders wanting the truth to come out and others closure!

This writer met many of them personally both here and abroad!

And expectations ran high despite my dear friends in high places – the Vietnamese being really pissed off with us for our incompetence in this matter!

The search which began in the early days of super chaos and disinformation, post March 8, at the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea, where the aircraft’s signal was last detected on secondary surveillance radar, and extended to the Strait of Malacca and Andaman Sea began to be extended elsewhere.


‘Great minds or idiots’ – tell us that the analysis of satellite communications between the aircraft and Inmarsat’s satellite communications network concluded that the flight continued until at least 08:19 and flew south into the southern Indian Ocean, although the precise location cannot be determined.


For some unthinkable reasons, Australia then took charge of the search on 17 March when the search moved to the southern Indian Ocean.

Again for some unthinkable and inexplicable reason, on 24 March, the Malaysian government noted that the final location determined by the satellite communication is far from any possible landing sites, and concluded that “Flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.

For the record, we now know that from October 2014 to January 2017, a comprehensive survey of 120,000 km2 (46,000 sq mi) of sea floor about 1,800 km (1,100 mi) south-west of Perth, Western Australia yielded no evidence of the aircraft.

But thanks to ocean drifts, several pieces of marine debris found on the coast of Africa and on Indian Ocean islands off the coast of Africa—the first discovered on 29 July 2015 on Réunion—have been confirmed as pieces of Flight 370.

Were they planted or not remains at this time illusive!

The fact is, the bulk of the aircraft has still not been located, prompting many theories about its disappearance.

My friends and I managing a global network of stakeholders and volunteers on the recovery effort offered data and information but the system is more interested on our motivations and background rather than entertaining our feedback!

At the same time – Malaysia established the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to investigate the incident, working with foreign aviation authorities and experts. Malaysia has stated that a final report on Flight 370 will be released by the end of 2017.

The puzzle and dilemma is, neither the crew nor the aircraft’s communication systems relayed a distress signal, indications of bad weather, or technical problems before the aircraft vanished.

This was super-efficient!

And because the Malaysian authorities were incompetent managing this crisis from day 1, it led to many conspiracies; it led third parties going on a journey high jacking this tragedy for their personal agenda and publicity!

We had individuals masquerading as FBI agents, lawyers, investigators, insurance brokers visiting several destinations speaking and manipulating news and individuals!

In many cases, monies were alleged to have changed hands, with further monies coming, while in others not, forcing these parasites that were promised to go to third parties with all kinds of allegations on the personalities making the offers!

They wanted to make it big financially, through the misfortune and tragedy of MH370?

There were also information and publicity seeking individuals, who were trying to position their stories, spin and meet heads of governments with their own versions and among them, the murder of Zahid Raza, Honorary Consul of Malaysia, who was shot dead in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, recently!

These same media attention seeking desperadoes, then went on a spin that there was a link between our Honorary Consul’s murder and links to the doomed Malaysian Airlines flight.

I can categorically state there is none!

But the danger is, because we were slow in responding to his murder – the rumor mill operators, spin masters and both bloggers and professional shenanigans are having a field day using the tragedy of MH370 for their own interests and further damage done to an already tattered image?

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