‘What else could they expect from a lead pathological liar and fraud named Bala Devan A. Theaivendiram?
A man who cheats, lies, commits deceit and betrays all who he comes in contact with!’ – Dr Jacob George


It was claimed that India had a loss of RM124 billion over the sale of hand phone licenses, thanks to the biggest corruption scandal in Indian history!

Sad that even the religious, the most dedicated and outstanding Indian Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh was severely rebuked by the Indian Supreme Court who criticized him for failing to respond to a call for an investigation into Indian Minister Andimuthu Raja’s handling of the spectrum sale.

For the record, Premier Dr Manmohan has pledged to punish anyone found guilty in the scandal, but questions linger about why he did not act sooner to remove Raja, leading some to conclude that the Congress Party will sacrifice almost any principle to hold on to its governing coalition.

But Raja resigned under pressure on Nov 14, but he has denied any wrongdoing. The Central Bureau of Investigation is carrying out a criminal inquiry.

Several months ago before Lydia Polgreen wrote that great article – ‘A familiar ring to Indian Telco scandal’ A familiar ring to Indian telco scandal, I had highlighted highlights of our investigation into Malaysia’s leading conman Bala Devan s/o A. Theaivendiram 57 who had cheated millions out of gullible contractors and others which includes Engineers, Industry Captain, Lawyers and financiers promising then portions of the Seremban to Gemas Double Track Railway project which was awarded by the Malaysian government to India and presently undertaken by India’s IRCON!.

To date, he has gone hiding and has yet to deliver even a piece of toilet paper contract worth RM2.00 – so much to the great boasts that he controls Delhi and Tamil Nadu!

Several Police reports have been made against him and the Malaysian Police are presently conducting a comprehensive investigation!

Conman Bala Devan Theaivendiram @ Brickfield’s Kannan had dishonestly claimed that he was a relative to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, octogenarian, wheel-chair-dependent patriarch, M. Karunanidhi whose daughter Kanimozhi Devan claimed married his nephew Arvind – a claim that we have since shown was baseless and an outright lie!

These claims were made to businessman in Malaysia and Singapore as he tried to get bidders for this Telco deal claiming that he is close to the said minister Andimuthu Raja who was alleged to be close to M. Karunanidhi daughter Kanimozhi whom Devan claimed was married to his nephew!

He had used Chennai’s Taj Coromandel Hotel suite as his venue in attempting to process this deal.

But according to India based sources many were impressed seeing Devan with Arvind in that same hotel and the manner gave impressions that he was ‘connected’ to the Tamil Nadu first family as he was also a Malaysian Industry Captain worth millions and not the unemployed, pathological liar and conman he has been all his years!

That the monies he had used for all these illegal activities and that which included the purchasing of expensive watches and others gifts purportedly for Indian policymakers, politicians and senior civil servants came from unsuspecting lawyers, contractors and others from whom he had taken upfront money!

According to Chennai based eyewitness I had spoken to, Devan is alleged to have given an expensive watch to Raja to secure a Telco contract but nothing happened!

Perhaps, a Malaysian conman himself got conned!

But they also say Tamil Nadu is aware that Bala Devan s/o A. Theaivendiram is after all a fraud and conman and several are awaiting his return to the state to teach him a lesson for abusing their hospitality, tarnishing the first family image and betraying all who trusted him!

What else could they expect from a lead pathological liar and fraud named Bala Devan A. Theaivendiram?

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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