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“The theory itself states that rational leaders facing a near inevitable removal from office become more likely to gamble on a risky diversionary war.”

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Were you aware that a diversionary foreign policy, or a diversionary war, is an International Relations term that identifies a war instigated by a country’s leader in order to distract its population from their own domestic strife.

Happened many times in the name of human rights, democracy, freedom, liberation, justice and so forth!

Actually this perverse and malicious concept stems from the Diversionary War Theory, which states that leaders who are threatened by domestic turmoil occasionally initiate an international conflict in order to shift the nation’s attention away from internal troubles.

For example a President who is worried that his team colluded, conspired, circumvented with Russia to manipulated the US elections?

In such a situation, fearing exposure, some think initiating a war outside would counter the domestic strife and ensure the leader’s position in power.

Essentially, a diversionary use of force is a manipulation of the Rally Round the Flag Syndrome effect, causing an increase of national fervor from the general public.

My foreign colleagues at several diplomatic fronts share that many scholars of International Relations have dedicated much research to the practical application of diversionary war.

A large percentage investigates United States presidents and their disputed culpability partaking in diversionary foreign policy.

Despite the immense amount of effort and research, scholars have not yet formed a consensus of the accuracy of the theory, and empirical evidence is mixed at best.

Generally, the pursuit of a diversionary foreign policy may offer the leader in power four benefits, all of which increase their ability to remain in power:

1. A successful diversionary foreign policy could increase support for the domestic regime.
2. This in turn increases that government’s time to address their internal trouble.
3. Artificial tension created from the international conflict may justify a leaders’ suppression of dissent.
4. The war abroad could cause the population to simply be distracted from the issues that induced the original dissatisfaction with the government.

And in many cases it has worked!

Remember Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Korea, Yemen?

South America?

The external threat may unify the country through the Rally Round the Flag Syndrome effect by creating a new out-group other than the government for the population to direct its dissatisfaction.

However, all of these benefits depend on success in the diversionary war that the government facing domestic strife incites.

Failure in these international actions would backfire against the leader’s initial intent.

As a result, the leader would likely face more domestic strife, possibly hastening his or her loss of power.

Nevertheless, this possible negative effect is addressed in the Diversionary War Theory.

The theory itself states that rational leaders facing a near inevitable removal from office become more likely to gamble on a risky diversionary war.

If the existing dissatisfaction is prompting their removal from office, a diversionary foreign policy only leaves room for gain.

So are the US trying to pick a fight and initiate another war with North Korea on a pretext that North Korea have a stockpile of armaments which threaten the US?


Now the Mickey Mouse politicians in Japan and South Korea trying to saber ratter that North Korea may use chemical bombs regionally, which is highly criminal on the parts of these idiots masquerading as politicians and leaders!

Meantime, we are advised CHINA has scrambled another 25,000 troops to be militarized along the North Korean border as the country is put on ‘nationwide alert’ amid heightened tensions between the hermit state and the West!

All five military regions from China have been ordered by Beijing to maintain readiness for the possibility of conflict.

China’s armored and mechanized infantry brigades in the Shandong, Zhejiang and Yunnan provinces have been given the go-ahead too.

The troops being deployed from China to the Korean peninsula are from the 47th group army of the Ninth Armored Brigade.

China has already sent 150,000 troops to the North Korean border on Sunday, Taiwan’s China Post has claimed.

To me the tensions comes after the US and South Korea conducted joint military exercises around the peninsula.

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And why is the USS Carl Vinson’s strike group been deployed to the Korean peninsula in a show of force towards Pyongyang?

What is wrong in that hermit nation carrying out a series of missile launches and nuclear tests?

I really appreciate Chinese president Xi Jinping who has advised Donald Trump to pursue a peaceful resolution to the meltdown in the crisis during a phone call between the pair.

It is sheer stupidity that now is aired by US dominated media groups and among the statements made is another Mickey Mouse statement which says:

“We have the greatest military in the world…We have given them total authorization…If you look at what’s happened over the last eight weeks and compare that really with what’s happened over the last eight years, you’ll see there’s a tremendous difference. Tremendous difference.”

Seriously you idiot!

You want to start a war which will kill millions and put the region backwards because you think you are God’s gift at leadership?

What an ass!

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