‘My parting shot is America has the best weapons and satellites!

Russia certainly the best spies – sorry MI6!
China the world’s best hackers!

And the irony is we are told that none of them can find MH370 (9M-MRO)!’


In 2014, during the massive disinformation sessions where juveniles performed crisis management and corporate communication exercises to an audience of hard core battle hardened journalists who have personally witnessed all kind of global crisis, I asked the following questions in a London room where several of my foreign media friends, journalists and established professionals from various fields were gathered with me for afternoon tea and to address what in the world was happening to the simple cry for truth to be spoken with clarity and precision?

Among the questions were: Why did Malaysia take a week to call off the search in the South China Sea if it already knew that MH370 (9M-MRO) had flown across the Peninsula to West Malaysia?

At that moment, we were all aware that families in over 14 countries were traumatized by the mysterious disappearance of MH370 while on an overnight flight to Bejing and the narrative that was taking place at a certain hotel in Sepang, Malaysia.

At that stage in the UK, I remember my daughter crying, upset and telling me not to return on any Malaysian Airlines flights, to withdraw from that ‘Customer Service Survey’ I was conduction on board a A380 from Kuala Lumpur to London flight (Return) and to stay on longer there and continue engaging on this matter therein with my associates from over 14 countries thus giving birth to the team called IIT370 (International Intelligence Taskforce 370)!

Fast forward 2018 – This mystery has not been solved in spite of the involvement of 26 countries deploying dozens of ships and planes to scour thousands of nautical miles of land and sea on two major searches!

Today more than 4 years later, we do not know where 9M-MRO is, we are still clueless how to call and run press conferences, manage protocols which are super sensitive to inform and engage the next of kin (NOK), to organize one stop updates which encompasses all the ingredients and DNA of this episode so that the stakeholders of the political decision, the search administrators and the investigative team are all present in a single seating to meet and update not just families still torn asunder with tsunami of emotions but a wide audience of journalists!

It is foolish when one hears the MC of the Press conference thinking he is being truly professional, street smart and clever by repeating that more time is given to all to ask questions to show accountability, transparency and good governance when the pertinent questions asked are not answered because those with the locus or that scope are not present at that Press Conference organized!

So much for professionalism and insights if any, gathered post that storm at a Sepang hotel in 2014?

Those there can only answer areas within their scope and even that, the point being it is a narrative open ended where we all acknowledge there is a tragedy but we cannot finger what, who, where, how except provide conjectures, leave things as open, wide, avoiding responsibility (?) and as confused as it always has been since post March 8th 2014!
How can you provide any report when the most important piece of the narrative is not there!

An aircraft and its passengers or what is left of them?

This is elementary!

To date – the fact remains after all the financial costs and the sophisticated technology deployed, claims, counter claims, assurances from a wide body of academicians, politicians, third parties and busy bodies, the search has not yielded any results!

To compound this mystery, there is the tragedy of 239 lives whose fate is still unknown.

Are they alive?

Are they being held captive?

If dead where are their bodies?

If in the ocean deep will it not be surrendered?

Many on that flight were either known to me or my friends too!

Family, friends, next of kin of both the passengers and crew are in agony and pain and very angry as can be seen as I witnessed their comments given to a live audience of international journalists last Monday in Putrajaya!

Inexplicably, after 4 years there are still grouses and complaints of not being given adequate information for whatever reason.

And all of them are still suffering over the mysterious disappearance of that aircraft that never came home and their loved ones in it.

To those of us at the IIT370 there are many questions to this mystery but the truth is elusive.

What really happened?

Will we ever know the truth?

We know that both the US and other nations operate spy satellites in the area!

My team and I at IIT370 felt that latest report made available raises more questions than answers!

I cannot but wonder what ever became of that 4566kg of mangosteen fruit and 221kg of lithium-ion batteries?

Did the ocean deep hide them too?

My team and I always felt that in any situation of public and global interest deliberations, we should demand accurate, up-to-date information!

We should demand immediate and strategic action from our government and others working with us!

We should demand accountability and transparency!

We should demand responsiveness and responsibility.

They, being the administrators who have taken upon themselves to address this phenomenon of a vanishing aircraft at this age and time, with the kind of technology we have, must be more forward, than they have been!

My parting shot is: America has the best weapons and satellites!

Russia certainly the best spies – sorry MI6!

China has in my mind, the world’s best hackers!

And the irony is, we are told that none of them can find MH370 (9M-MRO)!

So where indeed is MH370 (9M-MRO)?

Perhaps, what is left of her is closer to us in Malaysia than we think?