‘All of us who are passionate about MH370 should align together, exchange data and work quietly under the radar with those that matter and with national and international intelligentsia to seek answers, facts and an opportunity to bring closure to what is now a very sad tragedy!’


Very sadly people, it has been about three years and 9 months since Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 vanished, leaving the families of its 239 passengers and crew devastated and desperate for answers.

I remember that day being abruptly woken up by my colleagues in the ASEAN/APEC and Malaysian intelligentsia while I was home in the United Kingdom with family trying to get some much need rest and finish my book on closet terrorist in our midst!

Since that day, all our lives changed based on the numerous groups out there all passionate and all hurting seeking answers with the reality that we may never get them.

Everywhere I went, of course, under the radar,  meeting both government, non governmental team-mates and others and very influential and powerful third parties, I did so without the attention of the media!

And in those exchanges I did pick up all forms of narratives and allegations most shocking!

I was told of paid and planted surrogates, official black-outs, monies offered for debris,  warehouse speculators, cyber troopers and others who instead of working together even if the methods and positions used differ because we all come from different backgrounds and persuasion and we have staring at us a – East vs West divide which does not help!

And in that conversation I did pick up, that there were very strong feelings and allegations (remember that East vs West background) that there were individuals who used and abused this tragedy to focus on themselves rather than that lost Boeing 777 with its over 239 passengers!

And to make matters worst from various ground zeros there were allegations and  intelligence reports of planted debris, the offer of payment to locals to repeat statements earlier coached, planned photo shoots, claims and counter claims even that the CIA has a bounty on some individuals of USD10 Million?

Gosh, I sincerely do not know whose reading far too many books by Tom Clancy who is a favorite of mine as well.

The pertinent question is are the reports coming out now due to these claims seriously undermined or at worst, flawed?

A now dear friend, with whom I had a serious exchange 72 hours ago over posts and MH370 shared with me that there are three positions we need to look at – HIS , HERS AND THE TRUTH and I fully agree.

This is why my team and I have from time immemorial always felt that the focus should be that missing aircraft and its passengers and not media reports, where some are just fabrication and lies, or groups, individuals, the industry, regional stakeholders and that when dealing with the media, let us do it with a team in place and not individuals!

Many heads are better than one, failing which, even the most honorable effort, passion and dedication can be  misinterpreted!

It is an hazard!

They tell me that the facts are clear – as investigators remain perplexed about what happened on the Boeing 777, where my dear friends, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and Hishammudin Hussein, the Defense Minister cited that MH370 likely “ended” in the Indian Ocean and doing all that they can to bring closure to this issue!

However, no one really knows or do they, how that jet, bound for Beijing, which took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport shortly after midnight, at 12:41 a.m. local time ended up on the other side of the flight plan?

Inexplicably about 26 minutes into the flight, at 1:07 a.m., the plane sent its final automated data transmission.
And sometime between 1:07 and 1:37, when the next transmission was scheduled, the automated data system was shut off.

At 1:19 a.m. came the final radio transmission: “Goodnight, Malaysian three seven zero.”

Two minutes later, at 1:21 a.m., the jet’s transponder, which communicates location information, was also switched off.

Those two separate actions turning off the data transmission system and the transponder suggest that someone may have been alive and conscious inside the cockpit.

Bolstering this hypothesis is radar data, which shows that four minutes after the transponder shut off, the plane deviated from its planned route, doubling back on itself and flying back over Malaysia, then north along the Malacca Strait, until it eventually dropped off Malaysian radar.

The idiots who were supposed to be monitoring border and aviation flight controls totally not picking this up which is a clear and present danger to safety, security and well being of a sovereign nation for which they and all those in that chain of command were never publicly made accountable for and why may I ask?

My friends in Vietnam and Thailand are still very upset about this total contempt for duty and accountability!

And why our Malaysian air force did not respond either to this inexplicable turnaround of an aircraft?

The first piece of debris, a barnacle-encrusted flaperon, washed ashore on a small French island near Madagascar in July 2015, almost a year and a half after the ill-fated jet disappeared. It was later sent to Toulouse for forensic analysis and confirmed to be part of MH370 by Malaysian authorities.

Since that there are many reports and allegations that both real and planted debris have emerged and questions rose to the authenticity of it all which includes the super lie that an honorary consul was assassinated because he had critical information and evidence of debris and was “taken out” before he could transfer the updates?

But, no one knows if the search will continue and how long this very hurting episode will continue?

There is now far too much double talk and again the hypocrisy shown to this by the ‘powers that be’ is creating a tsunami of anger on the ground as everyone needs closure and the truth out!

We (my dear friends and I) will continue to work quietly under the radar and with national and international intelligentsia to seek answers, facts and an opportunity to bring closure to what is now a very sad tragedy!