I am extremely glad that after years of interaction, lobbying and back breaking work with dear friends in the power circles of the government did not go to ashes!

A task that started for me while in the UK when that jet disappeared in March 2014 with 239 people – mostly from China – on board.

After all the work, twists and turns today the Malaysian government agreed to pay a US exploration company if they locate the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 subject to two conditions.

At the helm today was dear friend, Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai positioning the narrative.

He stated quite rightly, that the evidence on finding MH370 must be presented in a considerable and credible manner unlike the allegations of planted debris and episodes of playing this tragedy as if it was an Indiana Jones/Jane episode of high treason, super spy, manipulation, planted debris, compounded further by frantic attacks of the worst and vicious types as third parties attempted to drive and manipulate this narrative blaming our government and others of hiding truths and of conspiracy?

The signing ceremony between the Malaysian government and Ocean Infinity took place in Putrajaya.

The process has a window period of 90 days beginning January 17th!

Policy makers advise me that this new search will cover 25,000 square kilometres.

The payment narrative is interestingly laid bare with the company receiving US$20 million (RM80 million) if the finding is made within 5,000 square kilometres in the primary search area, US$30 million (RM120 million) for the subsequent 10,000 square kilometres, US$50 million (RM200 million) in the next 10,000 square kilometres of the tertiary search area and at US$70 million (RM280 million) for the supplementary search area beyond 25,000 square kilometres.

As per command and control of the narrative, I am happy that we have two personnel from the Royal Malaysian Navy, as the Malaysian government representative on board the search vessel.

The MH370 response team is headed by another dear friend, the DCA director-general, along with officials from the transport, foreign affairs, and communications and multimedia ministries, and other agencies.

Holding other briefs and monitoring will be tasked with our Police and friends at the attorney-general‘s chambers via an operations room at the DCA premises.

My advice to the team is to take things diligently and there is no need for daily updates until there has been some form of breakthrough.

There can be a website with incoming data and information carefully positioned as not to raise far too much emotions.

We must learn from lessons of the past, both from assisting governments who made claims and announcements that fell flat while others in the form of shenanigans and Indiana Jones and Jane types doing their own ingenious stuff to propel themselves as the ’white Raja and Rani’ of this tragedy with no tangible results!

Like all my dear friends all over the world who have worked silently, quietly, with no media on tow or flash photography, I pray we will find the answers that we have been seeking for nearly four years and bring some closure to this unfortunate incident.