“Do your worst, as I am not the least bothered neither will your threats to report me to the Australian or Malaysian government, ASIO, the World Media, bother me!
While there, these lunatics should also inform Donald Trump and Putin as well!”


No, seriously, I am not joking, this is not a script from the next 007 movie, these were the threats made against me on this Sunday evening December 3 2017, while I was with the intelligentsia having a stiff drink!

It was not a crank message trail either.

Now where did it start?

You will remember that sometime last week, I had highlighted that there was a media event in Perth, Western Australia and that a particular media crew was there, which also included in the event, allegations of a Indiana Jones exposure, of debris, from that tragic event called MH370!

I had highlighted my concerns that the “Indiana Jones thingy” was not the way to go and went on record to cite allegations that was picked up, which I felt needed to be investigated by us, Malaysians, not lunatics, who have no life!

I shared of data received from third parties of allegations of paid and planted surrogates, ‘desperate housewives’, warped minds, warehouse speculators, racist’s cyber troopers and those behind a number of self-righteous groups, who set up Facebook logs with their own theories and attempts to bully, abuse, slander, defame anyone who does not support their line of approach, or others who used and abused this tragedy to focus on themselves, rather than that lost Boeing 777 with its over 239 passengers!

And of course, there are allegations of “planted debris”, the payment to locals to repeat statements earlier coached, planned photo shoots, claims and counter claims, over rating one’s importance that even that the CIA has a bounty on them of US10 Million?

I reiterated, that someone must be so desperate and without a life or a reader of far too many books by Tom Clancy or the Indiana Jones sequels?

Please do not get me wrong, I am reader of Clancy’s work!

But, after saying little before, I am now irritated and upset that this narrative was been controlled by outsiders!
And the focus seems to be these shenanigans and what they are selling, which surrounds them, not the aircraft, its crew or passengers!

It is Show Time!

It certainly gives the perception, rightly or wrongly, that MH370 is now high jacked by others with their own protocols and judgment calls even if it is lunatic!

Basically, that MH370 is to be used, abused and positioned to give these low lives an opportunity to be the center of this tragedy!

Of course, these individuals now are on record, accusing me of all persons, of lying, high jacking it for a personal profit motif, that the alleged media meet in Perth was my wild imagination, that I had no pictures sent to me and that there was no electronic or print media there!

I received a super hammering and accused of propagating fake news!

Yes, fake news!

But of course, that could not be substantiated or sustained, since the next day, a print media carried that story and I am now advised, it was also screened by an electronic media, which I alluded to, in my report!

These lunatics then reached out through a common dear friend for a truce and I agreed to forgive and forget!

Come on its Advent and we are about to celebrate Christmas soon!

What I did not suspect, was they were only interested in the identity of my source and what data and pictures were in my possession?

That, they never got, despite desperately asking, but, I did describe the pictures, the venue and the players in them!

They tried this way and that!

There was total silence!

Then, the next day, an appeal was made to me to edit or delete my blog.

Since I had already forgiven them I thought no worries!

I asked my legal team to just re-look at the blog posting and advise me, since I had back to back conference calls!

Eventually, I edited the blog without removing major issues and Intel that was collated!

I sincerely thought it was over, that common sense prevailed, till this evening when threats, accusations, verbal abuse continued!

But this time, they made a serious mistake – they threatened my family in Australia!

That was a super mistake! That was vulgar. That breaks all norms and rules of engagement!

As those who have worked with me know – I never indulge in any illegal activities, and as an attorney uphold the rules of engagement to be always cordial unless extremely provoked or threat of life, limb and loved ones on the line!

Then yes there are assets, support and assistance given by those who care for our safety that anyone can use to protect others and oneself in dire threat!

Two things those who have crossed swords with me, in my over 40 years of advocacy,  know about me:

  1. Profiting in other people’s hurt, lost, dilemma or pain NEVER in my profile!
  2. I am direct and I do not wear masks and the passion and commitment to the causes and issues I undertake never in half measures.

There is a third these days – while I am quick in forgiving and working alongside former adversaries and opponents for a common cause I will not ‘stand down’ when threatened, slandered, defamed or vilified by basically trolls and Persona Non Grata types who throw names, big names actually in their threats!

Those who know me and work with me on MH370 or other pertinent national, regional or global issues, know for a fact, as do various government agencies and state intelligentsia that I do not dance to the tune of shenanigans of all types and shades!

So to these ‘adventurers’, who may have real needs in their life due to many forms of trauma my simple advice – you are free to work with us – but do not attempt to highjack what are a Malaysian responsibilities neither threaten, defame, vilify us!

If one thinks they are the victims here – gosh by all means exhaust your energies to protect yourself if there are indeed clear and present danger for one as I certainly will now after being updated by my intelligentsia!

So please do go ahead – with your threats to report me to the Australian or Malaysian government, ASIO, the World Media, bother me!

While there, these lunatics should also inform Donald Trump and Putin, as well!

I am a firm believer of natural justice!

As for me, I have done, no wrong and being in the forefront of this tragedy from day one – but now taken offense and challenged, that a Malaysian issue is being high jacked and a narrative been programmed by outsiders who by their very actions are the ones who have intentions to profit from the tragedy and agony of the families and loved ones of 239 passengers and crew of MH370!

Which includes, those known to me personally who were also on that flight!