‘So this veteran idiot stated that you were killing yourself and 238 others from 14 countries on board over the media!’


Dear Zaharie,

How have you been buddy?

Another one bites the dust!

Yes, Zaharie, as predicted the second search ship Ocean Infinity – a US-based company had a 90-day survey of a vast area of the southern Indian Ocean!

It surveyed an area of about 80,000 sq km (30,888 sq miles), using a fleet of up to eight mini-submarines with all the hype, followed by a well-organized propaganda machine from a series of players, busybodies, self-appointed experts and mathematical geniuses who decided that since they have no life, they need to tag on to this narrative?

But all has come to a fat zero!

And the super busybodies and hangers on have immediately now started to attack the country that this must go on?

If what they are doing brings benefits I would not be upset but it has only been a blame game all along!

Nothing we do or have done is good enough!

We are always accused of hiding something but what?

Except for that super idiocy shown from the powers that be in the first weeks of March 2014 and the lack of multi-faceted cross cultural communications skills and saying it plainly which is an Asian setback what is our fault?

In recent weeks the western media and trolls have done their worst even using the portrait face of an individual to try to intimidate, threaten, accuse and make unfounded claims against us!

Do not laugh, Zaharie, some of these aviation experts and busybodies have even claimed you are ‘a madman’ who took an entire aircraft of passengers from 14 countries on a frolic crashing it!

After all they say you had a simulator with the data similar to the flight patterns?

You know Zaharie, an idiot claimed that you depressurized the plane after turning off its transponder.

The result – shortly afterward, everyone else on the plane was knocked out by oxygen deprivation, unwittingly being ferried to their deaths.

And buddy the reason – for your alleged supposed suicidal ideation that your marriage was ending and your wife was about to leave you?

So this veteran idiot stated that you were killing yourself and 238 others from 14 countries on board over the media!

Of course the same brilliant minds who speak on a western biased media do not have the courage or the consciousness to invite some of us on its platform.

We would have chewed their ass off!

They want to contain and control the narrative no doubt!

They have no guts to question several western governments or their own governments and the manufacturer what really happened on that tragic night when ‘an incident’ over the South China Sea knocked off all systems on your aircraft forcing you to fly blind to try to land your aircraft perhaps in Penang before even you were overcome?

And the aircraft ending up where I believe it is currently buried not far from Malaysia where I am trying very hard to organize a parallel search?

One reporter working with ABC Australia, Zaharie, had the audacity to first accuse me of being ‘a turncoat’ then threaten me to go on record with him to address his wild imagination of a conspiracy of some sort with me in that narrative as a super spy par excellence – actually of what I do not know!

Now coming back to reality!

We are a poor nation and we do not have the billions to keep search ships out there without assistance from the rich countries of the world and that includes the manufacturers who are practicing an eloquent silence?

It is easy for prima donnas and busybodies to spin span and attempt to paint negative picture of “irresponsibility” or go on media negativity to attempt to pressure using emotions and roller coasting that with a media groups who needs the hits and traction?

So what happened to all those calculations and that arrogant notion that it is in the SIO?

Two massive searches and we have come empty!

I stated quite early in the day, that how can you find something if it is not there in the first place?

For now many bruised egos nothing more!

Today, we have independent Indonesian witnesses saying they saw the aircraft plunge in Sumatra waters giving us all the data needed but our request to check that narrative with a parallel search continues to reap an eerie silence as if they really do not want us find the aircraft?

But worry not – sooner or later we will get a white knight to look at the Sumatran waters and settle this once and for all!