An official report’s assessment – “it is almost inconceivable that the aircraft has not been found”

Another body says – ‘the understanding of MH370’s location “is better now than it has ever been” and reiterated earlier estimates that the most likely location of the downed plane was a 9,700 sq-mile area to the north of the earlier search zone in the southern Indian Ocean.”

Gosh, seriously and what supports that?

Another felt more conciliatory by saying:

“It remains a great tragedy and we wish that we could have brought complete closure to the bereaved. I hope, however, that they can take some solace in the fact that we did all we could do to find answers.”

He is actually correct, as the effort to locate MH370 which disappeared with 239 people on board in March 2014, less than an hour into its flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is the largest and most expensive surface and underwater searches in aviation history, eventually covering more than 46,000 sq miles.

Interestingly, this multinational effort cost more than $160m, and involved ships and aircraft from countries including India, China, the US and Australia!

And after a fruitless 1,046 days it was suspended but not before many parties and all of them, shenanigans, adventurers, unscrupulous politicians and hangers-on managed to squeeze massive political media publicity from this tragedy!

The fact remains that despite the years gone by since March 8th 2014, the loss of MH370 cannot be established with certainty!

But many individuals have benefited and profited from this tragedy!

We will not be wrong to say that the fate of MH370 is likely to remain one of aviation’s greatest enduring mysteries and further fuel the countless conspiracy theories surrounding its disappearance.

And the involvement of adventurous and actors and actresses, each with their own need for a frolic, creates more high drama, which we can do without!

For example, a case in point, the untimely death of Honorary Consul of Malaysia, Zahid Raza who was shot dead in Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo is being spanned by a certain group of adventurers who seem to have taken control of this narrative, by managing media shoots, searches, and dialogues with governments on the pretense of being experts?

Let us look at the narrative – who stated and went on record that Honorary Consul of Malaysia, Zahid Raza spent years investigating the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370?

Let me out rightly challenge, as to who is the source, that he first of all, was working on the disappearance of MH370 and secondly, that his murder was a direct result of the first?

As I always say some people must have been reading far too many spy novels or Tom Clancy books?

As far as I am aware and I should know, both the authorities in Madagascar where the murder took place and Putrajaya, have gone on record to say it is far too early to make any links between the murder and the missing MH370!

So unless there is evidence, hard core evidence, could the adventurers – the ‘Indiana Jones and Jane of the world’, please zip it!

Now the irony is – instead of looking for MH370, the latest spin is looking for debris, “here there and everywhere like Old McDonald’s farm” as if that will conclusively tell us where, what remains of that aircraft is?

My call is – let us be open, look for the aircraft but, bear in mind that it may not be where everyone is claiming it to be!

Expert or no expert!

If the sea has something, it will never hid it, but which sea?

Or for that matter, even land? Got my drift?

I have stated this at various official and private meets, that for me and to millions of consumers traveling it is inconceivable, repressive and unacceptable in this age of technology that a very sophisticated and ‘state of the art commercial aircraft’ can be missing and for the ‘powers that be’ not to know with certainty, what became of the aircraft and those on board?

And as for the search, is it on, off, on again and that in itself, is a riddle, we are tasked to understand, cry over, go a begging, not how we find closure for family and loved ones who still mourn, some terminally ill and would love to know the truth what ever happened to loved ones – the 239 passengers and crew on a Malaysian aircraft called MH370!