Dato Jacob George


The Attorney-General has returned the investigation papers on the murders of Sosilawati Lawiya and three others on the same day it was handed to the AG Chambers!

Reports indicate that there are several specific instructions for the police to investigate and follow-up!

You can spin this each and any way you want it!

But we must be fair and reasonable.

The Police have their work cut out for them and the last thing they need is for politicians, political parties and news seekers trying to complicate matters by making wild allegations against the Police or seeking political mileage by high-jacking these gruesome murders for a political end and agenda!

So I am glad that Selangor chief police officer (CPO) Khalid Abu Bakar has warned politicians from interfering in investigations and that there was no reason for them to become investigating officers.

There is no need for political parties to make media statements that they will offer legal assistance or hold a watching brief, there is no need to drive around widows and co-ordinate press interviews let alone making claims that one is being appointed to act for families who have made missing person reports unless you are a Solicitor appointed by the grieved party!

Malaysians are already fed daily dosages of lurid stories creating fear, dismay and revulsion.

Reports indicate eight other missing person reports are believed to be connected.

There are also media reports wildly claiming that there may be as many as 20 others who could have met the same grim fate.

All I can say is with so much publicity, spin, media maneuver allegations of missing persons, criminal breaches of trust, fraudulent land deals, assaults and suspected murders – the last thing we need is for our predator politicians messing around with Police investigations and in the corridors of public opinion!

But these gruesome murders have raised many a question which I related to the management of Police reports in my earlier blog postings!

Banting Police Station is an embarrassment but I am certain there are more ‘Banting Police Stations’ in the nation and it is time we weed them all out!

We have heard many an allegations and it is pertinent a hotline be initiated for public feedbacks to a neutral Police body coined around the American Internal Affairs division.

This is a must to protect the hundreds of good dedicated and professional officers of the law from the disgrace and corrupt behavior of a few ‘bad apples!’

There should be no compromise here!

I am glad that dear friend – Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar, who took over the command of the force from Tan Sri Musa Hassan, has admitted that the murders of Sosilawati and the three others could have been prevented if proper probes had been conducted into earlier reports of missing persons.

It takes a dedicated, decent, ethical and a professional to admit that!

It is pertinent that we have a new look at how Police reports are managed so that conman, cheats, frauds like notorious Bala Devan s/o A. Theaivendiram 56 who cheated many is still on the loose and run though there are many police reports made against him or for that reports made against thugs, smugglers, human traffickers, individuals involved in domestic violence or grievous bodily harm even murder are not allowed to escape due administrative, legal and bureaucratic incompetence!

If only the police officer assigned to investigate the police report made by the Malacca lady lawyer (above) against Bala Devan in 2006 – BDR HILIR/002679/06 and BDR HILIR/003409/06 made at Malacca Tengah had done so with speed and professionalism, we may have had fewer victims of the scandal Bala Devan s/o A. Theaivendiram, Identity Card number 540614-10-5729 sprung over both government contracts involving the Ministry of Works, Malaysia and the Seremban to Gemas Double Track Railway Project involving the Government of India and its contractors Ircon International!

Or Police reports (above) made against foreigners on professional work visa abusing our Women folk at work!

When the Police act on some reports with such speed and slow in others it raises many a perception in the corridors of public interest and space!

There must be consistency, clarity and speed in addressing public grievances!

The present IGP – a no nonsense tolerating man himself he has rightly and in speed set up a task force to re-investigate all missing person reports linked to the suspects and the issuance of a stern warning that any officers ignoring such reports would face severe disciplinary action!

For now let the Police do their job without any form of interference from all and sundry!

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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