Consumerist: Malaysian Fuel Hike – Consumers Brazing For Escalation Of Price Of Goods & Services?

Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: Malaysian Fuel Hike – Consumers Brazing For Escalation Of Price Of Goods & Services?

Did we have a conversation with policy makers before this announcement was made?

Were the stakeholders consulted prior to this announcement?

Are we now brazing for possible hikes across the board which will further hurt a already hurting consumer base?

The pertinent question I raise – is this a classic example of the huge ignorance of policymakers and the rich and powerful on how vulnerable the middle and lower caste of consumers are in?

And why do I say this?

Motorists will have to pay 20 sen more per litre of RON 95 petrol and diesel from early this morning!

RON 95 will now cost RM2.30 per litre, up from RM2.10, while diesel will be RM2.20, an increase from RM2 previously.

This was announced by the Domestic Trade, Consumer Affairs and Cooperatives Ministry yesterday.

It is stated that the said move was in line with its subsidy rationalization plan.

The last time Putrajaya slashed fuel subsidies was on September 2 last year where Prime Minister Najib Razak announced a 20 sen reduction in RON95 petrol and diesel subsidies effective from the next day, and a 15-sen decrease in RON97 petrol two days later, causing outraged Malaysians to form long queues at petrol stations to fill up and take to social media to express their views.

While economist and policymakers gloat over this move consumers are furious and I am speechless at the apparent lack of consultation and conversation among us prior to the announcement!

Consumer groups are in for a massive hiding from angry consumers!


Consumerist: Dengue – Embarrasing Situation Showing No Change?

Dato Jacob George

I wrote this piece more than a decade ago and ask today the 1st of October 2014 – has there been any proactive change?

Or are there a bunch of absolute idiots still messing about with consumer lives?

Local authorities fail in fighting dengue

Despite all the hype on how e-savvy MPSJ is, the township has the distinction of been singled out as the “dengue capital of the nation”!

Posted on 12.39pm Jan 04, 2003
Jacob Speaks

Consumer Advocate Dr Jacob George
wrote Friday, January 03, 2003 11:29 AM

Local authorities fail in fighting dengue

I am saddened that several people in my neighborhood have contracted dengue.

It does not end there. For the record, we have also had fatalities and noted among them is a Subang Jaya resident, also a former Universiti Hospital Eye Specialist and Associate Professor, who has served with dedication and distinction. She is a shining beacon and friend to both her colleagues, and post and undergraduate medical students!

And for this reason alone, I cannot but be angry and upset that the information that dengue fever has claimed 54 lives in 2002, with 10,753 confirmed cases reported nationwide was kept from the public.

And to add salt to wound, neither was there a concentrated effort in mobilizing a nationwide effort to combat this outbreak nor take punitive sanctions against those who aid and abet this situation to exist, be they individuals, developers or the local councils!

Despite all the “hype, propaganda and publicity on how e-savvy Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) is, the township has the distinction of been singled out as the “dengue capital of the nation”!

And noted among them are the “high demand residential areas in USJ!”

Perhaps, those who have received their “political appointment” as MPSJ councilors with the various perks should tender their resignation for failing miserably to monitor, act and protect the rights and interests of residents here!

And the heads of the MPSJ health enforcement units should be immediately replaced!

It is a pity that a township which was planned as an “environmental haven” four decades ago has turned into a “nightmare concrete jungle”, thanks to incompetent enforcement, questionable and arbitrarily construction approvals and with construction and developers running amok.


Today, Subang Jaya can be best remembered for the symbiotic relationships between certain developers enjoying a monopoly in construction approvals and “people in the corridors of power” despite failing to surrender titles meant for parks, public areas and usage and for an obsession for “Manhattan styled skyline”, excessive signboards, abandoned projects, traffic jams, flash flood, contaminated water and a quality of life that is suspect!

And these very authorities instead of mobilizing a massive campaign to contain the outbreak are rather insensitive by telling us to be calm and that we are “currently experiencing an increase in the number of cases compared to 2001, but it has not reached the epidemic stage!

As a consumer advocate, may I ask both the Ministry of Housing and Local Government and Ministry of Health, how many “body bags” must we fill before it is to be classified “an epidemic” and worthy of a national alert and effort?

For the record, in 2001 alone, Malaysia posted 50 deaths and reported 8,669 dengue cases.

I am also aware that the World Health Organization (WHO) had issued an alert about five months ago warning all countries in the tropical region, including Malaysia, to be prepared for an increase in the number of dengue cases in view of present weather conditions. It is a pity that our local authorities have not adequately responded to the alert!

Ironically, the problem is not in some rural unreachable corner of Malaysia but in several areas who boost of their “bandaraya status” !

Time here is of the essence and it is of utmost importance that both the Ministry of Housing and Local Government and the Ministry of Health put away their “petty squabbles and ministerial tussles” and address the outbreak.

It is also important that the Ministry of Information instead of spending too much time on “political propaganda” go on an offensive media blitz, utilizing the private television stations too, to conscientize the masses on the dengue problem.


Consumerist: MAS & Their Troubles – When Will It Ever End?

Dato Jacob George

Like all patriotic Malaysians – I care enough to want to pen my thoughts so that changes can be done and MAS move forward in view new challenges, competitions and the open sky concept but will they?

There is a binding precedence within where we have been wasting good money so that predators, cronies, political apple polishers and other parasites can laugh all the way to the bank while stakeholders suffer and may again, in view the RM6 billion bail out what else is new?

We have to still come clean on MH370?


Consumerist: Looking At The Process Involved In The Scotland Independence Vote!

Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: Looking At The Process Involved In The Scotland Independence Vote!

The Queen did not threaten them with treason neither did she use the sedition laws on those seeking independence for Scotland!

The usual ‘dogs of war’, ass kisses and apple polishers we see in political circles were not turned on those calling for independence neither were there name callings from Ministers clamoring for the heads of those seeking these changes!

There were no police reports been orchestrated!

The UK government allowed voters to make their decision with dignity, decorum as should be in any true democracy!

Every level and tier of stakeholders in the process are truly carrying themselves in a dignified manner and with such civility!

They are addressing the issues in a level headed manner! This is true democracy!