Dr Jacob George is president and legal adviser to the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa) DEMONSTRASI ANTI MALAYSIA – MANA JAGUH DEMONSTRASI KITA? Reports are still received by this writer from friends in the international media in Jakarta that the anti-Malaysia demonstrations in front of the Malaysian embassy at Jakarta are continuing! This time it is alleged that the students represented the Jakarta law undergraduate’s movement. These undergraduates defiled the Malaysian flag with egg, set fire to it and hurled it into the compound of the embassy. They were alleged to have also thrown rotten eggs and salted fish into the embassy compound and defiled the name plaque of the embassy with wheat flour and rotten salted fish – strange combination though? Several of them carried banners which bore words condemning Malaysia, saying diplomacy was dead and wanting Malaysia to be "crushed". Like elsewhere where these kinds of demonstrations are subtly supported by 'the powers that be' for the domestic political agenda while claiming innocence in the international and diplomatic fronts – these childish and stupid pranks were monitored by policemen. But what surprises me is where is our version of KKK, or the youth wing of a dominant Malaysian political party that usually calls for demonstrations in front the US Embassy? Where are our professional ‘Jaguh Protestors’ and others who spend most of their time making police reports - a recent political phenomenon in Malaysia for ‘out of work (read contracts) politicians? Where are the politician infested masquerading NGOs? Not even a whisper? These seems to be a sad deadly silence as our beloved Jalur Germilang is being torn and tattered at a time we are celebrating our 53 Independence? I am aware that Wisma Putra for some inexplicable reason is in comatose while even the ‘Father of Malaysian Racism’ so quick off the block to condemn Singapore and alleged western prejudices and evil seems to suffer the same ‘eloquent silence?’ I am glad that our beloved Prime Minister has made a strongly worded statement and I hope others in the Malaysian cabinet follow likewise! We must remember the Jalur Germilang is our pride and our honor no two ways about this! The least we can do is record our utmost regret at the Indonesian embassy and recall our Ambassador there!  Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!
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