I am deeply saddened and hurt at the level of hypocrisy deception and deceit in Malaysia!
I am shocked at the level of sheer insensitivity that we show to our fellow Malaysians who have been ‘part and parcel’ of the Malaysian family!
Remember it was not the 21st century Arabs, the Africans, the Caucasians, the Bangladeshi, the Pakistanis and others who are ‘Johnys/Janes come lately’  products of  ‘Malaysia my second home’ or ‘business cum marriages’ who contributed to nation building pre and post independence but the people we are tagging in this vulgar book – which is masquerading as educational tool rather than what it really is – a racist publication!
I am flabbergasted at the sheer hypocrisy of some who show they love others hundreds of thousands of miles away but show careless disregard to their immediate Malaysian neighbor in need or hurt!

Lie, more lies, misrepresentation, betrayal, deception, slander and we think that the rest of the human race is in ‘political and administrative comatose’ as we are!

Truly, we are specialist at doublespeak – a skill we do with such perfection even without blinking an eye lit!

Even if we do not have the skills today we import it and pay millions for this outsourced service!

How else can we reconcile or interpret our statements in international fora with what is happening right before our eyes?

We preach to others but are we practicing?

You do not have to answer that – We all know the answer!

If we are really honest to ourselves – the first thing we would do is withdraw that controversial and repulsive vulgar book called Intelok!

This is not about winning or losing but doing the right thing!

If we do not then by all yardstick of universal norms – we are all but hypocrites and pathological liars preaching at international fora but not adopting these universal standards domestically?

Let us look at the facts:

If the following are the said guidelines as highlighted by my learned friends why is the said controversial book ‘Intelok’ not immediately withdrawn as a teaching text?

1. Firstly and more specifically “Sensitive Elements and Negative elements” such as stipulated below MUST NOT be included:“Matters which may be misconstrued, discriminatory, deemed insulting or offensive as pertaining to race, religion, culture, gender age or occupation.”
“Matters pertaining to attitudes, thoughts, and behavior which are contrary to values in the society”

The book in fact abounds with a multitude of such sensitive and negative elements to the extent that it has been referred to as “a classic work of Malaysian racism”.

2. Other matters that MUST BE observed include the inculcation of “noble values and positive thinking”.
The ethnic and racial stereotyping that runs through the entire work totally negates and ignores this guideline.

3. The factual material must be “accurate in content and be consistent” The facts must be “valid based on ICT methods and must be reliable in theory and practice”.

The work is a fictional and imaginative novel and therefore these dimensions do not apply in the first place.

4. An important dimension repeatedly emphasized the need for critical thinking provisions stated as follows:
This should be “the platform for teaching and learning so as to stimulate and develop pupil’s imagination through thinking strategies and creative thinking”.

The book makes no attempt whatsoever to adhere to this guideline.

Does not common decency, ethics, and our adherence to rich religious teaching move us to take a collective decision to withdraw the said racist book which stereotypes and racially profiles Malaysian Indians?

We cannot have it both ways!

We cannot tell the United Nations, Washington, London, Paris, Brussels, Canberra, Delhi and Chennai and the rest of the world’s capitals one thing and do just the opposite!

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!
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