It is great to hear politicians and senior civil servants give out press statements and off the cuff statements on political initiatives and deliberations thinking that no one is taking notes!

Or will hold them to account?

Let us address some surface to surface issues since this administration came to be post the May 9th general elections.

One of the first statements made was that of what we call ‘flying license or ‘Lesen Terbang’ – basically to the international reader – ‘fake licenses!’

A statement was made that the Ministry had the data of those in these categories and the numbers were shocking, when it was announced!

This to the analyzing inquisitor’s mind clearly illustrates that the various conduits in the process have been compromised by corrupt dealings!

There was a warning issued in 2018 but the reality is, in March 2019 we are advised drivers who obtained these fake licenses are reluctant to surrender their illegally-obtained driving licenses to the Road Transport Department (RTD), despite calls to do so by the authorities.

Amusingly, we are told that the number of illegal licenses surrendered so far is lower than what the Transport Ministry had expected when the announcement on drivers to return the licenses was made in September 2018?

Present Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook described the response as “below average and disappointing” despite the looming Oct 13 then which was the deadline for the holders to surrender the illegal documents.

The interesting thing about these licenses is that these are obtained without fulfilling the driving test requirements or without passing the test.

And the reason individuals like us are put to shame in many countries, which includes Australia, when we attempt to initiate a conversion exercise, despite in my case having a valid driving license since 1974!

The Australian official politely told me that they have no issues with Singapore driving licenses and as such, my Singapore relatives managed a conversion exercise, mine cannot be converted!

The fact is, we are a compromised nation!

We are aware that the ugly head of corruption lurks everywhere, destroys damages our image but these days there are certain quarters so proud of the corrupt among us!

They have become role models!

No wonder, a senior security apparatus chief replied me when I asked him who are not corrupt and compromised in our system?

He replied ask me who is compromised, it’s easier!

So despite warning, threats of imminent arrests there is no fear and the fake holders of these illegal licenses and those who were part of the end to end conduits walk free and others drive free on Malaysian roads!

They are a danger to other road users!

But who cares, really?

Months ago, I raised the issue of the road carnage on our roads and highways!

I raised the issues brought to me by my team of intelligentsia who looked at those behind the wheel and felt that it was about time that they that are serial offenders, substance abusers, those speeding, reckless, negligent and driving vehicles and heavy vehicles like transport and chemical trucks, intercity coaches, even Police and Army heavy duty vehicles recklessly putting other road users who pay tolls must be banned from driving!

When accidents happens, there is loss of life and limb, there are delays, there are several legal and others issues emerging, there are collateral damage, families hurt or killed, lives ruined, and I am surprised that till today, we have not had a civil suit against the concessionaire or others by consumers who have paid tolls and who expect better!

Our records show that there are 6 major highways that we need to revisit and address the whole question of road safety and importantly, managing serial offenders, substance abusers, reckless, speeding, negligent drivers to protect others on these stretches!

These are:
1. The North-South Expressway:
2. The Karak Highway:
3. The Federal Highway – made worst thanks to motorbikes on the freeway zig zagging and a law unto themselves!
4. The Simpang Pulai-Cameron Highlands Road
5. The Lipis-Merapoh Road
6. The Pan Borneo Highway

Till today, we have a strange inexplicable reluctance to address the reckless, speeding and perhaps, license less motorbike riders!

Of late, we have them also at times in convoy holding up traffic on the highways, some with their acrobatics, and there have been cases of cars being damaged if one tries to overtake the convoy!

Are these riders paying tolls like the others?

If they are not, is there not a duty of care by the concessionaires to protect paying customers and assuring them a pleasant safe trouble and incident free drive?

Are motorbikes allowed to ride right to left, left to right, cut into small spaces between cars, zig zag, damage cars in the process?

Again do these riders all have licenses and the required insurance?

The fact is there is no silver bullet here!

It has to start with policy initiatives.

There needs to be a political will!

We need a policy direction on these and others like those vehicles that are on our roads which are modified raising concerns on its safety and threats to other road users!

Why are they allowed on the roads?

Who approved those structural and other modifications?

Did the original manufacturers facilitate the modification?

If not why are they on the roads?

It has to do with taking severe action on those abusing the public highway space by ruthlessness, serial offenders, and substance abusers, those speeding, reckless, negligent and driving vehicles and heavy vehicles putting other users of the highway space at risk!

It is putting the fear of noncompliance on not just the drivers, the company whose vehicle is on the road with huge fines, jail terms, that there is an expectation and a requisition that their vehicles are road worthy, insured, their drivers following a code of practice of safe responsible driving and that they as an organization have zero tolerance for anyone subverting this cardinal rule!

These are basics!

I come to the table with over 40 years of government relations track record and know fact from fiction!

I am being super polite here asking my dear friends at the MOT to do the right thing!

As always, I am ready to help and assist in any deliberation that will make our roads safe in the consumers’ interest!

IF MOT requires ‘credible evidence’ before addressing these critical concerns, just analyze the statistics of accidents and deaths on our roads and its implications vis a vis economic loss and linked perimeters!



First, at the time of writing the largest number of MPs is from PKR!

Factually, the decision to make the then president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail or ‘Kak Wan’ as she is affectionately known to those of us, was the appropriate decision at that juncture, post GE14 when there were so many imponderables!

It has been now more than 9 months and unless one is domiciled in the abyss of ignorance or in comatose, or there is another political script at play here, it is a fact that the present cabinet is not functioning to address national issues and challenges as a unit!

This disconnect is far too obvious!

We have individuals made cabinet members who have no job experience whatsoever, to have repeatedly shown shocking ignorance, double speak, incompetence, and caught in a wave of political rhetoric attacking the former administration rather than justify that there are seriously attempt by the seat holders, to respect the wishes of the voters who sacrificed so much so that we will have a new Malaysia indeed!

But day in and day out, with the combined comedy of errors, or arrogance, by those in the cabinet and their appointments, it looks as if this New Malaysia we see is super worse off than the Malaysia we knew, with all its bundles of weaknesses, blemishes put together!

Today, we have political U-turns, clueless ministers more interested in ‘selfies’ and social media, talking about flying cars, one more interested in students shoes rather the quality and focus of education, one who despite all the bad publicity about ministerial wife’s do and don’t brings one’s spouse to a government to government meeting abroad, and with a host of other ministries making absolutely no impact to the masses life from bread and butter issues, on transport, housing, health, human resources, education, environment, human and minority rights, to racial and religious unity, since the new tenants took office and occupation of Putrajaya!

I cannot understand the ‘hands-off’ policy over religious extremists’ hate speeches either, or blatant seditious utterances!

Why the fear?

Worst, there have been numerous occasions where we have seen component party members of PH attack and wash dirty linen in public, despite being the government of the day!

Some cabinet members need to go read constitutional and administrative law before anything else!

You cannot run a government and a nation by repeatedly fault finding with the former administrators of office or with each other in office!

You cannot give excuses when there is non delivery of manifesto promises by transferring the blame to the old guard or instruct your cyber-troopers, a trial by media or blaming the Malaysian civil servants as a diversionary tactic!

You cannot continue to behave like the opposition party members you were once, even after becoming the government of the day!

These are elementary in politics!

Since GE14, we have had three by-elections, one in Port Dickson, where the incumbent made way for another within the party and two contentious free runners, where the government of the day was humiliated by both free and not so free radicals!

We will have another in Rantau soon and by all indications the incumbent there is a heavyweight as well and no push over!

We need to initiate first reforms, within the cabinet before initiating national reforms!

And this is why it is about time that we address the glowing incompetence within the cabinet and make the needed changes so that real change and execution of public policy initiatives can be delivered!

That we can see again that the Malaysian cabinet speaks and addresses national and international issues and grievances with one Malaysian voice!

And most importantly, it is important for Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to rope in PKR President Anwar Ibrahim into the government ahead of the latter’s scheduled takeover of the top post, whenever that takes place!

It is about time that Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail resign from that position opening the position to the now sitting President of PKR!

I have worked with Anwar Ibrahim from his days at ABIM, when I was at the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) and Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM).

I hold Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail or ‘Kak Wan’ as I affectionately call her very dearly, as both my wife and she were ophthalmologist at Universiti Hospital!

It is about time that Anwar be brought into the cabinet and into all policy deliberations in view the spirally down of warmth and support in recent months over a number of issues which I do not wish to go to print!

I am certain Anwar will bring to the cabinet new views, new optics and policy deliberations to address the growing dissatisfaction among all tiers of the Malaysian society!

He will also be able to address those who have been recently spooked by radical and drastic changes all around!

To be honest, this should not be an appeal as both by law and convention, PKR is the biggest component party in Harapan, so it is only justifiable and politically appropriate for its president to be brought onboard the nation’s highest decision making body!

Doa khas sempena ulangtahun ke-5 tragedi MH370


Doa khas sempena ulangtahun ke-5 tragedi MH370

Sempena ulang tahun kelima tragedi MH370, Cassa Malaysia akan menganjurkan doa dan ritual khas di lokasi beberapa nelayan membuat akuan sumpah dengan Al-Quran melihat sendiri pesawat MH370 terhempas.

Doa dan ritual khas itu akan dipimpin oleh para pemimpin agama daripada pelbagai kepercayaan agama.

Majlis ini akan dirakamkan dan video tersebut dijangka disiarkan secara langsung.

Semua media tempatan dan antarabangsa akan menerima jemputan majlis itu. Bagi mereka yang berminat untuk menyertai majlis itu, diminta untuk menghubungi Cassa Malaysia.

Pada misi itu, mungkin akan ada cubaan untuk merakam sekiranya terdapat kilasan bayangan badan pesawat itu di lokasi terbabit.

Adalah penting tumpuan diberikan ke atas usaha pencarian bukti yang boleh dipercayai  secara aktif dari lokasi ditemui oleh Cassa Malaysia, Lautan Sumatera, Lautan Andaman dan Lautan Hindi, daripada mengulangi khabar angin serta berita palsu yang tidak membantu usaha pencarian mayat pesawat Boeing 777-2000ER selepas lima tahun.

Cassa Malaysia ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada mereka yang menyertai pasukan penyiasatan untuk membantu kami.
Terima Kasih.



CASSA MALAYSIA is very pleased to announce in conjunction with the 5th anniversary of this tragic event, that special prayers and rituals will be held at the location spot where fishermen took an oath over the Holy Koran, that they saw the ‘damaged and smoking’ Malaysian Aircraft MH370 being ditched!

The special prayers and rituals will be led by clergymen from various religious persuasions with the fishermen in the lead.

The event will be videoed and attempts will be made for active streaming!

Invitations will be given out to domestic and international media groups and those interested to join the expedition are welcome to contact CASSA MALAYSIA.

During the expedition, attempts may be initiated to capture if any, ‘glimpses and shadows’ of the body of that aircraft within that site.

It is pertinent that the focus be drawn to actively seeking ‘credible evidence’ from CASSA MALAYSIA’s sites of interest, at the Sumatran, Andaman and North India Ocean, rather than to repeat fake narratives that have yet to help us locate the remains of that Boeing 777-200ER after five years.

CASSA MALAYSIA continues to thank those who recently have come onboard our investigation team to assist us.

Your wide range of experience and skill sets would be very useful to us in solving this aviation mystery.



There is so many events taking place simultaneously and we record our sincere appreciation to all those who have been communicating with us throughout and assisting us.

We record our sincere thanks to the Malaysian home Office and their agencies, the office of the foreign ministry, our diplomats assisting us in collating important data!

Malaysia’s transport and defense ministries as well.

Of course, we have not forgotten our own legal team preparing the various responses to recent events to be initiated in Malaysia and other jurisdictions.

Most importantly, we are uplifted at the prospects of the private initiated investigations and searches through personal and crowd funding with interest groups managed by an appointed legal firm for our four sites of super great interests to uphold accountability.

Those skill sets of experts, experienced divers with equipment, coming on board to assist, some pro bono are uplifting!

And in the background of certain SIO prophets and evangelists going on record privately post our January 16th blow-back stating that they may be missing important pieces of this puzzle and probably some pieces that are not correct.

That they need to shake things up because the path they are pursuing is not producing a way forward, like ours is?

A compliment indeed!

The IIT370/CASSA MALAYSIA team here has been consistent and thanks to recent experts providing us satellite data, other sophisticated information of 2014, words of encouragement and support, we are getting confident that we are on track to solving the greatest aviation mystery of the century, despite all the threats diverted at us!

We are not upset at the comments, debris hunting and recycling by those so emotionally and psychologically compromised due to their own personal loss in this tragedy and their failure to lead or think out of the box!

We understand their predicament and their sense of loyalty!

But, those really trained, experienced and competent in the law, should know that eye witness testimony, their collaboration in a chain of events citing detailed similarities in an event from point to point should raise red flags!

Moe so with no adverse influence and impropriety!

Here, we have that from individuals who have gone on record in East Peninsula Malaysia, when we first lost the aircraft, to the West Peninsula Malaysia, and a number of fishermen and others from different parts of Sumatra, all saying that the aircraft was severely damaged and it was smoking, all clearly pointing to an event internally or externally, which crippled it, from continuing its journey to China with its wide range of intelligence and skill set passengers and its super valuable cargo?

The aircraft would have crashed there, post that incident, but for the super skilled and competent Captain in the cockpit!

Despite the clear and present danger still out there he flew a damaged passenger aircraft hoping to land in Penang but never made it!

The aircraft was severely damaged, all on board probably dead and with fuel depleting one brave final act was initiated – that ditch mode!

The eyewitness accounts in Sumatra from more than 7 sources, all in different points gives indications that she lies on the ocean floor therein in less than 120 meters of water!

First, if all eye witness accounts are to be believed of a damaged MH370, that malicious account of pilot suicide was the product of wild, devious and convoluted minds undertaking the wishes of their handlers, who do not want the aircraft found?

So my team and I believe, there were various forms of debris – those naturally that reached points due to ocean currents, those planted and staged for a media narrative and others, recycled to address the spirally down interests from point to point, on this tragedy in the light of many other aircraft crashes, severe loss of lives and the despicable behavior of its manufacturer and owners!

Our team members are so full of surprises and they just showed me on a spread sheet, just how easy it is to swap the times around on the INMARSAT data, remember that is how the data was then presented and sold – on a spread sheet.
Leave the Ping arcs positions alone and only change by reversing the spreadsheet layout to the times, then the arc 7 becomes the first ping arc and so on back to arc 1 which becomes the last ping arc and look where arc 1 lays, it is a fair across the fisherman’s site of interest.

Interesting, our team of experts tell me – Arc 7 cuts across Mike McKay’s sight line from the Songa Mercur and all that needs to be changed is the times the arcs were laid down – written on the spread sheet.

I am sure this was a very basic mistake in laying out the spreadsheet and not the handiwork of very devious minds and stakeholders, who do not want that aircraft ever found.