Dr Jacob George is president and legal adviser to the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa)

The problem in Malaysia is even the institutions set up by the government with all the necessary support and infrastructure and funding to assist people in dire straits become overly incompetent, bureaucratic and red taped!

The give the federal government a bad name!

Those working there become instant pencil pushing idiots!

When I go public or take this to the Minister personally in Putrajaya – they get upset with me!

But they fail to realize that Malaysia is not the ‘ketua Bahagians and Cawagans or the runners and greedy politicians running after government projects, Bangladeshi workers quota and ‘surat sokogans’ so that they can continue living that luxurious and wasteful lives of pretense – trophy wives, fast cars, luxury houses, foreign trips, honorifics, positions in GLCs, cigars and silk suits – nothing wrong if they had worked for it but not this way!

This is because the majority of the 27 million Malaysians are reflected in the struggle of this person writing this letter to me!

She knows no politicians, MPs, Aduns or power brokers in Penang, just this simple man whom her family came to meet and developed a family orientated bond for over three decade after I addressed a land scandal in Bagan Seria in Perak those days!

So before I turn ‘green’ or do so – those of you in the PERKESO office in Kuala Lumpur, please do the needful!

The enclosed letter speaks volumes and need no clarification. It is unedited in content with only the name and address of the one grieving removed!

I know the family over 37 years from my Consumer Association of Penang (CAP) and Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM)days!

She calls me ‘Anan’ a term of endearment in Tamil – as she and her family consider me their brother!- Dr Jacob George




‘Dear Jacob Anan,

Many greetings to you.

I know knowing you – you will help if you can.

I am so fed-up with and grieved by this SOSCO people.

They did this to me last year and I had to go up and down to the SOSCO office in Penang so many times – taking annual leave and time off from work.

Thank GOD for one Ms. Chiam from SOSCO in Penang who kept calling SOSCO in the Kuala Lumpur office to help me.

I have already submitted all the relevant documents in time (as usual every year) to prove that I am a widow and Benedict (my only son) is still in College and yet they deduct my monthly SOSCO pension.

I am not rich. People think I am ‘rich’, even my own sisters because GOD gave me a heart that shares everything!

I am ‘rich’ in helping any one who needs help within what I have.

So relatives and others think I am ‘rich’ but GOD knows and my son knows how I struggle every month – living from paycheck to paycheck.

Since 2007 my pension has not increased a cent.

In 2007 – the increment was only RM36.97. My pay has not increased either.

I mentioned this to Mr. Paguman Singh of Sosial Security C. Sdn. Bhd., when he sent me an e-mail advising me to become a member of SSC by paying RM50.00 a year.

I paid once and after receiving only RM36.97, I did not think it was worth being a member.

I withdrew the second part of my EPF because Benedict did not get a scholarship for his degree course!

The price of everything has increased – so difficult.

I do not want SOSCO to deduct my SOSCO pension for just one more year.

Anan, I am sorry for crying to you. I know you have a good heart to help all who come to you.Please help me if you can. Below is the e-mail I sent to Perkeso yesterday.

Thank You. GOD Bless You Anan.

With Regards,

Name & Address known to this writer

Pension Penakat (C51/PKT/4) – Ruj: 5206496 R’

I trust there need not be a part 2 and 3 and 4?

I am certain this is not an isolated case for I believe for every case that comes to me there are 10 others that go unattended thanks to the red tape and  bureaucratic mess therein!

Got my drift? 

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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