‘As long as there are individuals, contractors, industry captains, companies, politicians who are ‘get rich scheme junkies’ without hard work and honesty – there will be many more conman cum parasites like Brickfield’s @Kannan – Bala Devan s/o A. Theaivendiram preying on Malaysian soil!’ – Dr Jacob George 


1. The above is the photo fit of Malaysia’s pathological liar and conman Bala Devan A. Theaivendiram ‘Kannan’!

2. Read/See for yourself (below) these are just samples and there are more to come - pathological liar and conman Bala Devan’s many different strokes in signing off contracts and undertaking letters after taking monies from his victims!

It seems that the Police have not learnt any new things about the need for urgency in Police reports despite the infamous Sosilawati case!

Any one with a common sense of decency would have thought that after all the Police reports that were made against Malaysia’s at large conman Brickfields @Kannan – Bala Devan s/o A. Theaivendiram 57 he would have been at least arrested and charged so that Malaysia will have fewer victims of fraud and cheating at the hands of this garbage of a man!

But no!

I was surprised that he is still active pursuing what he is best at – conning innocents with various claims of government projects and his connections to the powers that be!

More surprised when I received information from India that Bala Devan has contacted several Indians telling them that he is in possession of various government projects needing foreign funding and assistance!

A lawyer victim (above!)
How many more must suffer before Bala Devan is arrested YB Home Minister?
Of course – there were appendices to this – Bala Devan  wants ‘upfront money to co-ordinate the government officials involved, he wants a car preferably a Mercedes and he wants calling cards made in his name and finally the horror of horrors – he has ‘his own lawyers’ to manage ‘the legalities therein!’ (?)

So I sincerely ask Malaysia’s finest and best in the Malaysian Police Force and especially the Commercial Crime section when is this man going to be arrested?

Or will we wait for another national and international incident like the one yet to be addressed – the fraud Bala Devan carried out involving Double Track Railway Project Seremban to Gemas involving many innocent companies, industry players, lawyers, contractors, housewives, single mothers and unsuspecting Politicians in India and Malaysia?

There are allegations that he is now claiming to be Malaysia’s ‘business ambassador’ to nominate Chinese contractors for the double track from Gemas to Johor Baru and Tampin to Malacca?

Next week we will ask the Home Minister at Parliament why Bala Devan is still at large and making frantic calls to India and elsewhere on new frauds!

How many more victims must we have before the Police arrest Bala Devan and charge him?

Remember the Sosilawati case and the various Police reports prior made with no action?

In the meantime – we continue to raise the same questions to both the Malaysian and the Indian governments:-

1. Who gave him that confidential letter of award between Malaysian and India?

2. How did he get control of the total specifications, drawings, pricing of the entire Seremban to Gemas project which he attempted to sell at RM5 Million at one time but had no takers?

3. Who gave him the two letters claimed to be Ministry of Railway’s Railway Board letters? (See Blog posting part 4 on this subject) Was that leak from the Ministry of Work? 

4. Who gave him that recent letter written by Ircon International Managing Director to Malaysia’s Transport Minister?

5. Who is A.P. Misra and what is his role in all these allegations? Is he also a victim or a player? Who is this ‘Daisy too?’ Who were his link in Ministry of Railways India and IRCON – if any? What was Tamil Nadu’s role in this?

6. Who were the other directors of Zen Bridge Sdn Bhd and Era Phoenix Sdn Bhd with Bala Devan s/o A. Theaivendiram?

I am certain in the course of police investigations both here and in India all these matters will be pursued and revealed leaving no stones unturned!

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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