Fatal crash on PLUS highway from Nilai-Bandar Ainsdale southbound

There are far too many accidents!

There are far too many fatalities on our highways and it is no longer tolerable.

The elephant in the room is that something is amiss in the configuration.

Let me put it out straight.

  1. Who in Malaysia, which organization, lobby group, politicians or cartels are preventing the nation from adopting very stringent legislation, measures, and protocols similar to those practiced in Singapore or the UK/US?

     2. Those measures that will see the strict implementation of safe driving measures and a serious look at drivers on long and short haul drive throughout Malaysia.

     3.The maintenance of all types of heavy vehicles and features that will prevent speeding and reckless driving.

     4. Laws that will have heavy penalties for drivers on substance abuse or doing several shifts under health and sleep deprivation?

     5. Or the continued usage of retreaded tires.

     6. Finally, the need to take action on the transport companies and their directors/management for any breaches in their duty of care.

Or is life so cheap that allows these companies and their cartels to get away with murder on our highways?

So whose sleeping on the job?