I am sick and tired hearing the political rhetoric from policymakers in the State while the theft takes place in broad daylight, in a highly organized and sophisticated manner!

Who are the hidden hands who are aiding and assisting this theft and crime in the State of Selangor? – Dr Jacob George


It is true that by plain interpretation Section 421 till Section 426 of the National Land Code does not give any investigative powers to the police on matters of sand stealing but in view of the extent of the theft and cries of public interest it is pertinent that action be taken immediately in arresting all those involved, directly, indirectly, by proxy, those funding and aiding and abetting this theft which is costing the Selangor State hundreds of millions in losses!

Let those arrested challenge the move in the courts and we will be ready for that too!

We cannot allow this heinous crime to go on any longer based on archaic legal reading!

The last few days I was besieged with calls that the thieves have come close to Sungei Damansara and to be exact the Shah Alam TTDI Jaya area?

Today I went down the area concerned and I am concerned certainly as it was a well organized operation!

To be exact Selangor is the hotbed for illegal sand mining in Malaysia and it is estimated that the state may be losing close to RM500, 000 a day from sand stealers and some estimate that the loss is about RM100 Million a year!

And sand mining has been a hot issue in Selangor over the last 10 years with certain quarters alleging that millions of ringgit is being raked in by well organized and connected syndicates.

Among the sand theft hotspots are Serendah in Hulu Selangor, Dengkil in Sepang, Jenderam in Sepang, Kundang, Kuang, Rawang, Kajang, Bestari Jaya in Kuala Selangor, Banting and Bukit Beruntung.

The aspect that is troubling me and I have discussed this with three senior ministers and several other MPs recently and that being the allegations that government officials including from the state, district land offices and enforcement personnel from various other departments were working with the syndicates.

Tomorrow I will seek appointments to brief the Home Minister and another as I view this very seriously!

I will also make an appointment to liase with Mohd Khusrin Munawi (above) Selangor’s newly minted state secretary on this matter so that we will have drastic results instead of pussy footing!

Perhaps, we should use the Internal Security Act to get to the bottom of this matter!

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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