‘After a 14 year wait – True everyone loves a winner!

It was but pathetic watching some Malaysian politicians ‘past and present’ falling over each other trying to bask in the glory that was certainly not theirs but that of the present FAM leadership, the dedicated and hardworking coach and the committed and hardworking boys who became men showing true grit, skills, sacrifice, determination on a night of challenge!

I am sure that they know that the same tongues that are singing praise today will turn on them when they fail! – Dr Jacob George  


The counter at the Shah Alam Court closed exactly on the dot at 10.00am refusing to take any submissions/filing citing the public holiday as an excuse!

Legal clerks and lawyers were fuming and this has an impact on their case and since it is all about dates – and – how fast one gets justice they were more than upset all around!

I am certain the situation was the same all over the country and while our obese public sector rejoiced over another day without work – the private sectors screamed as they have datelines to meet and this public holiday will have its impact on them financially and otherwise!

Banks became suddenly packed and chaos ensured!

The jams all around were brought forward by 24 hours!

Two industry captains told me that they are re-locating to another ASEAN country in 2011 not far from us in view of many hurdles from lack of manpower, red tape, bureaucratic hassles, corruption, delays and plain lack of support!

So much in wanting to be world beaters, KPIs and wanting to create a competitive atmosphere here!

So much for drawing in the talents?

Yes, we did win the cup – after 14 years – finally!

What is Suzuki Cup or the Tiger Cup as it was formerly called?

It was a mere regional tournament with only 10 participating countries where none of them are in the top 50 FIFA rankings.

I do not want to take anything away from the hardworking boys and more so, their sincere and dedicated coach, a very dear family friend!

And what it is worth, I was one of the many screaming my lungs out at the hotel lobby among hundreds of foreigners in Penang during both legs!

With due respect – as I always say – we have to be consistent, there must be clarity and most importantly, what is the public perception of this announcement and its impact on our work ethics and competitive spirit?

What is the impact of the holiday on private and public sectors and on those trying to close their accounts?

What about banking and logistics?

In the past – we have made history with – Nicol David winning World Titles several times or for that matter Lee Chong Wei winning the All England but there were no public holidays!

And that is the way it should be – we should stop this habit of pampering our sportsmen and sportswomen!

We should learn from China, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, the UK who has just won the ASHES against Australia (no public holiday there!) or the Germans, the Dutch and even Thailand!

Basically to declare a public holiday just because our national team won a Suzuki Cup an ASEAN level competition is pathetic.

And more pathetic is the front page headlines of the following:

‘Garuda makan asap’ – Harian Metro

‘Garuda patah sayap’ – Sinar

We talk about being diplomatic, professional and sporting and I am certain our learned editors some – plain apple polishers and spin masters could have found better adjectives than the above!

I ask these editors what is the message they are conveying to Jakarta?

And for the country another comparative day of work and productivity gone!

And allow me to apologize to the private sector ‘workers’ who will go without receiving their salaries till after Monday because a public holiday was declared in strange circumstances!

But who cares? Really!

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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