It is reported that Samsung is a South Korean multinational electronics corporation that is publicly traded on the South Korean stock exchange.

They specialize in televisions, mobile phones, semiconductors, among other ventures.

Samsung employs over 326,000 and has been one of the top leading information technology companies by revenue since 2009. Sales on Samsung Linkedin were reported as US 196 billion.

Consumers are informed that if we have a problem with any of their products to call their Customer Service hotlines for immediate support!

Incidentally the CEO is one Yoon Boo-Keun.

You may address international postal mail to 129 Samsung-ro, Suwon-Si, Gveonggi-D, 443-742, South Korea.

My nightmare with one Samsung Washing machine started this year after it had issues supposedly on the spin.

I did what consumers would do and called the Customer Service and I have no issues with them that round, after they came and replaced some parts which I paid for!

After three weeks the Samsung washing machine played up again, this time it automatically switches off after the initial few runs of washing!

I was shocked as a single user washing just T-shirts and jeans and the occasional towels there is no heavy duty washing to create such a dilemma!

Last Tuesday, if I am not mistaken, I called again the Customer Service and updated them on my latest misfortune.

First, to my horror, I am told that help and assistance will come only a week later because of the Chinese New Year holidays though officially there is only two day public holidays in Malaysia even with the Malaysian government!

This shocked me!

It did not make sense whatsoever!

But the next best thing I could ask is how do I open a jam shut washing machine which has my clothes in perhaps at that stage half washed?

I was advised accordingly.

Fast forward a week later Feb 12th 2019 it took me, to call into Samsung Customer Service to seek confirmation whether they were indeed coming to assist with my week long complaint, after receiving a note but nothing further!

In the afternoon, I receive a call from one of the Technicians.

To cut the story short, he comes says, nothing wrong with the machine initiates a Eco wash and goes off.

Within an hour that Eco wash stalls.

I call and update him, send screenshots, he returns saying a certain parts needs to be changed, he changes them, still it works not, he states the motherboard needs to be changed but that part he does not have or it may just be some wires, as he had checked with his supervisor, and that part he does not have!

May take another 48 hours or so?

My only question to him was one on his competence!

Was he doing an elimination of core issues on his checklist or did he really know what the issue was, as this is a fairy new machine, not heavy duty used as I indicated as I am the only user!

He could not answer neither definitively assure me what were really the issues!

He assured to revert to me on the availability of the parts by late evening latest, this morning, but did not!

I took the initiative to call again Samsung Customer Service to seek updates and asked them to escalate this matter but, till now at the time of writing Samsung Malaysia has not reverted to me!

I enclose herein samples of other Customer Complaints on Samsung Washing Machines (without editing) from their websites and realize my problem with Samsung is not isolated!

As such it is only right that CASSA MALAYSIA calls upon all Malaysians to now boycott all Samsung products until my ministry – the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs and MITI are updated and such matters investigated accordingly!

Now let us look at the other consumers’ complaints:

1. My machine will not drain properly. Every load I need to empty the water by the hose in the front by the filter. I call Samsung repeatedly. They tell me that is normal. They told me my hose is in too far. They told me to remove everything and redo. NOTHING works. I am out $500 for a washer that I can’t afford to replace. My laundry smells of mildew. Nothing takes the odor out regardless of what detergent we use. We properly clean the machine. Do the self-cleaning cycle and nothing. This is a problems that Samsung should be addressing. There is no way I should drain 2 cups of water after every load.

2. Washing machine under warranty, stopped working 7 weeks ago, service repair attempted to repair it twice, and on the third visit recommended Samsung replace it, told by Samsung they won’t replace it, and will repair it. Please save yourself the frustration and don’t buy Samsung. Customer service is disgusting, you can rarely get through and when you do, they say someone will call you back, and don’t call back for a week. I spoke to the case manager, who disregarded my complaint, and did not care we haven’t had a washing machine for 7 weeks and counting. I paid $1198 for a Samsung washing machine that Samsung’s repairer can’t fix and they won’t replace it. PLEASE DON’T BUY SAMSUNG.

3. We bought a Samsung washer dryer pair in July 2014 while our new home was being built. We put them in storage and installed them in Feb. 2015. Last winter, after just three years, the dryer quit. Everything we researched suggested it needed a new sensor or new “card” or something electronic. Just to get a repair company to look at it was expensive, and we knew it would need parts and another trip, so we just took it out and bought a plain jane Maytag. Nothing fancy or electronic. Today, the washer, which was one of the recalled ones, quit. The tub apparently broke loose and dropped and it kept running water in it. Had to pull soaking clothes out, then bail the water out, then just be thankful it didn’t explode or worse. Went online, found the mate to the dryer we bought last year and ordered it. No more Samsung. They costed way too much to tear up in 3 & 4 years. And just two people here so they didn’t get that much use.

4. Purchased October 2016 a brand new washer and dryer. Samsung top loader washer, dryer and the fridge have all had issues and within 26 months and a week apart the washer and dryer both have major repair issues. I am at a loss to replace. The drain pump has broken during a spin cycle and the dryer makes an awful noise. The pump for washer alone is over $100 to replace ourselves. Purchased a Samsung fridge also and the middle pull out drawer for beverages and cold meats had its own thermostat that does not work so all food is nearly frozen. Will never purchase a Samsung product in my life.

5. I bought the above washer. I liked the feature and it worked great until one day (less than two years old) it started banging and rocking during the spin cycle. Getting Samsung support and their Local service company never happened as they could not get organized. After a week, I went with a local company. Bottom line, the Control board and motor were bad. $550 in parts alone + tax and shipping. If I had them repair it, it would have been $750. Had to take it to the curb.

This is disgraceful SAMSUNG MALAYSIA!

I hope Korea sends a high powered team over to Malaysia to conduct a comprehensive due diligence and investigation on your processes!