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There have been more than 15 terror attacks, in Europe, in recent years!

Yes, it is far too many and whether they were in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Turkey or the United Kingdom they were all deadly!

These were all barbaric attacks on soft targets.

And in all these altercations, these religious extremist screamed Arabic salutations – before they plunged that knife, behead, or ram that heavy vehicle, shoot or detonate an explosive device which kills, cripples, maims and destroy lives and spread horror!

An action that to me, worse than a war crime!

But also sadly, in all these events, there was one major commonality – the ‘eerie and elegant silence’ from the leaders and custodians of Muslim communities in ground zero of those barbaric attacks!

It is sadly embarrassing, their silence post another terror attack in a country that gave them everything?

I am alluding to the silence of the religious community leaders, whose presence and participation in my mind would make a great and immediate impact on the process of engagement, conversation and a concerted effort to address home grown terrorism!

But that never came!

Instead, there were very few religious voices crying out in sincere condemnation, at incidents like those that occurred in recent months, except for the few obligatory and perfunctory protests.


Were they afraid to censure such extremists because they do not want to be seen insulting their religion?

Do the sanctimonious Muslims in Great Britain think that the killings are perfectly acceptable?

Do they not have values, a sense of morality and do Non-Muslim lives not matter?

In several other countries, similar or lesser attacks, barbaric, political and seditious utterances are leveled at minority communities and faiths within.

Where extremist’s politicians, political NGOs, state and non-state actors, play critical roles to engineer, fabricate, fan distrust, spread fear, horror, race and religious baiting, and constantly terrorize minority faiths.
The victims of these terror attacks, abductions, find themselves helpless as state actors; close both eyes, in political expediency as it serves their hidden political motives and agendas?

In these cases, the terrorists may not use explosives, or other form of ordinances, but the very fact, that they use the might of their numbers, screaming, threatening, accusing minorities with fabricated and trumped up chargers aided and abetted by a racist vernacular media, is another form and strand of terror and horror, which should have no place in any proclaimed democratic society, unless it is a failed state?

And appeals for a Commission to address religious attacks and extremism go unheard!

If that is not bad enough, these political shenanigans are indulging in acts and attacks, to derail religious events of minority faiths under false and manufactured claims!

As I write this piece at our UK home, the country goes to its polls after three barbaric terrorist attacks in 3 months!

In the first, there was a car and knife attack on Westminster in March this year, which left five people dead, in the second there was a bomb attack at a concert in Manchester, two weeks ago, killed 22 and left others critically hurt!

In Saturday’s attack, three men, wearing fake suicide vests, mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge in a van before slashing and stabbing revelers, in Borough Market, a bustling district of late-night bars and restaurants!

As a witness, I cannot but laud, the police for their swift response and bravery, which saw the terrorist trio, killed within eight minutes of the alarm being raised.

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I cannot, but praise first res ponders, like the police, firefighters and ambulance workers who rushed to assist.
I praise also those members of the public, who instead of running towards safety, ran towards those hurt and fallen, in the attacks, with some confronting these terrorist, bare handed and were themselves, hurt, some critically!

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Post the terrorist attack, we learn that there were 7 dead and among them, a dedicated Canadian NGO worker, and a Frenchman, another 48 injured, including, those from Australia, Bulgaria, France, Greece and New Zealand.
Accordingly to my sources, 18 are still in critical condition.

We uphold them in our prayers!

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There is now a national debate going on in Great Britain.
And as a political analyst, the primary areas, I believe the debate should be focused on, and, action taken by Great Britain is (with a comprehensive dossier on these to be shared with security agencies in the US, EU and friendly countries, as part of the war on terror!):

1. The withdrawing the citizenship of over 23,000 jihadists alleged to be living in Great Britain.

2. Banning and removing foreign hate preachers from laying foot in Great Britain or set up shop here.

3. Detaining home grown extremists, banning foreign politicians, educationists, and individuals, who have a track record of religious and racial extremism, in their home country, against minority racial, religious and ethnic groupings from Great Britain.

4. Speedily initiate legislation of new emergency powers that will assist the security service and the police, to go into the inner cities, townships, to round up and detain terror suspects, their supporters, sympathizers and financiers.

5. To shut down extremist places of worship.

6. To shut down, disable extremist websites, publications, confiscate banners, flags, T-Shirts that encourages terrorism and extremist philosophy and propaganda, and arrest those behind such materials.

7. Hold periodic face to face meetings with nations who have a track record of financing or sponsoring various forms of terrorism, and among them, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Qatar and Iran.

8. Ramping up Great Britain’s counter terrorism strategy and increasing, the number of trained police and counter terrorism personnel.

9. Ensuring extremist’s strongholds within Great Britain, especially in London, Luton, Birmingham, Burnley and Blackburn are cleaned up.

10. The operational response of surveillance of jihadist’s killers and extremists, should be increased, with the usage of state of the art technology, which includes drones!

11. As this is a ‘war against terror’ – there should be emergency powers given, that facilitates a ‘shoot to kill’ order, against all known jihadists.

12. The crime of treason should be brought back, for British citizens, taking part in terrorism at home or fighting with the enemy abroad.

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This is a war we are in.

Empty words, salutations, and floral tributes have no more places in our society!

We are in a war of attrition, which the terrorists are winning, disrupting our daily routines and freedom of movement and forcing us to curtail our own civil liberties!

9/11, 7/7, Paris, Nice, Brussels, Westminster, Manchester and there was London on Saturday!

We have to act and politicians cannot treat innocent men, women and children as cannon fodder to be slaughtered by knife-wielding extremist maniacs and suicide bombers, screaming their god’s name before killing innocents!

It is time to drain the swamp, not, just beat back the crocodiles that attack the boat!

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The incoming Great Britain government, be they led by the Conservatives or Labor, their work, is cut out for them, and, nothing short of zero tolerance, to terrorism of all forms, especially home grown terrorism, will suffice to the electorate which has cried out – ‘Enough is Enough!’

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