‘It is time we introduced ‘Operation Encounter” in Malaysia to deal with such criminals so that Malaysians and visitors can walk the streets without fear!’


Malaysia and the global village are advised to stop – ‘Victim Blaming’ when the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially at fault for the harm that befell them.

It is about time that we mitigate the perception that victims as responsible.

In many countries, especially where wild extremists’ theologians and closet pedophiles exist and just bloom there is a greater tendency to blame victims of rape than victims of robbery if victims and perpetrators know each other.

Now looking at Malaysia and the increasing violence and robbery where women are the targets it is time for Malaysians of all walks of life come together in unity and address such cases instead of being spectators!

It is time the Civil Society take on these robbers when we see them carrying out an attack!

If we are in our cars we should chase and run them down using our cars as a weapon!

This is already done in the UK where police have released dramatic footage showing officers ramming cars into criminals riding mopeds and sending them tumbling into the road.

My friends at Scotland Yard shared that the newly adopted “tactical contact” strategy is in widespread use in London after a rise in robberies, phone snatches and acid attacks using scooters.

As a result, moped-enabled crime has plummeted by 36 per cent in the capital year-on-year since the methods were rolled out!

Another way in Malaysia is if we have protective gear in the car we should confront these rapid dogs to protect others.

If we can mobilize such civil action and response at the time of a happening instead of being a watcher or spectator this may act as a deterrent to and put fear in criminals!

Remember the next time it could be your loved one, a mother, wife, sister, daughter or grandmother!

Several years ago about 6.30am my wife, a Malaysian doctor was attending to her car at a Shell Petrol Station in Kayu Ara PJU 6A, where she was robbed of her handbag with monies and personal documents by two robbers on a motorbike!

Before 6.55am they had attempted to use her ATM card but failed at a bank close to the incident!

I was rather shocked that other patrons at the said Shell station never went to her aid!

That particular shell station has had several such incidences I am advised!

This sad and tragic incident was captured on Shell CCTV!

The two robbers had come into the station, done their observation, parked just below the CCTV and waited, watching this doctor attend to her car before moving from two sides to steal her personal belongings in the car!

The rather shocked and traumatized woman was in tears when I spoke to her!

IF only I was there!

She had made a Police report in Petaling Jaya and later in the evening followed through with another report at Mutiara Damansara this time, having me by her side.

I had alerted my friends at the Home Ministry, the Selangor State Police Contingent and Bukit Aman and am thankful for their speedy response and support!

I had got the Shell petrol Station to download the incident and copied it providing a copy to the Police for the Forensic Team to comb it as I am certain these were serial robbers and targeting helpless women!

The incident is uploaded also in face book and You Tube so that members of the public can help Police with the identities of the two and at the same time be educated on the ‘do and donts’ by this incident!

Fast forward 2018 I wonder what ever happened to those Police reports and recording.

Were those two robbers ever caught or there ever a comprehensively track down on such players?

If we do then the robbers will know that society has said enough is enough and will take it upon them to confront a robber to save and protect the victim!

Are you aware that many countries have put up advisories on this situation to would be travelers to Malaysia especially women!

Among them:

You should be aware of the dangers of street crime, particularly bag snatching and pickpockets – and scams involving gambling or spiked drinks.

Incidents of bag snatching are common.

There have been many cases of bags being snatched by thieves on motorbikes.

When going out, avoid carrying valuables with you.

Bags with shoulder straps should either be carried with the bag towards the pavement rather than the road, or tucked under the arm.

Do not wrap the strap around your arm or shoulder and do not try to hold on to your bag.

Victims have been injured or killed by being pulled to the ground by their bag straps.

If your bag is snatched, make a police report as soon as possible

Always be aware of your surroundings.

Take particular care of your belongings especially your passport, as visitors’ passports have been stolen on aircraft, cafes, airport and railway terminals, and from hotel rooms.

Be careful if offered a drink by a stranger, even in a reputable bar or restaurant.

Such approaches can involve spiked drinks, and have resulted in cases of robbery and assault.

Do not open your hotel room door to strangers, even those wearing hotel uniform, and especially late at night.

This applies particularly to women traveling alone.

Credit card and ATM fraud is widespread.

Take great care when making payments by credit card and using ATMs.

There have been many instances where cards have been duplicated and skimming devices added to ATMs.

The situation as far as I am aware and from feedback is that we experience elevated levels of crime in densely-populated urban centers around-the-clock.

We cannot deny petty crime is the main driver; violent and more serious crimes are considerably less common.

The most common crimes committed against Malaysian women and foreigners are petty theft, particularly purse snatching, pick pocketing, smash-and-grab thefts from vehicles, and residential burglaries.

Snatching activity is most common in tourist and shopping districts.

It is no super-secret that in Malaysia most purse snatching incidents are perpetrated by thieves on motor scooters, who stalk the victim from behind, and snatch the victim’s purse, phone, or other valuables.

Some follow their targeted victim on motorbikes or cars to the homes of the victim and attack when they are unaware!

Many incidences where women are distracted by their children or on their mobile phones are most often targeted, but men are also frequently targeted.

Home and Hotel driveways and valet areas have become favorite sites for thieves, even in the early morning hours.

Then we have these days the smash-and-grab thieves most often target motorists stuck in traffic.

Typically, a pair of thieves on a motorcycle identifies a lone passenger and with valuables visible.

The thieves smash the window of the car with a crow bar, grab the bag, and speed off.

We can reduce one’s vulnerability by keeping valuables out of sight.

More recently, thieves carrying knives have slashed at and cut victims’ hands in order to shock them into releasing valuables. Increasingly, large groups of thugs have physically confronted victims.

These types of thefts can take place at all hours and often occur in front of large groups of witnesses, even in upscale neighborhoods frequented by expatriates.

We cannot deny as well that residential break-ins are common, and single-family homes are most-frequently targeted.

Thieves are generally non-confrontational and most often target properties while the tenants are away.

While uncommon, some burglars are undeterred by possible confrontations and will detain residents and threaten them with violence.

It is squarely for this purpose that I advise and appeal that we have a task force set up to look comprehensively at the perpetrators of these crimes, their financiers, middle men, and others aiding abetting them and others who have vital information on these criminals operations and modus operanti!

It is time we introduced ‘Operation Encounter” in Malaysia to deal with such criminals so that Malaysians and visitors can walk the streets without fear!

We have a great Police force and it is important that they be allowed to do their jobs without any political interference in breaking the cycle of robberies and violence perpetrated by criminals on motor-bikes and organized crimes!