Dr Jacob George is president and legal adviser to the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa)


The Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam, Selangor (CASSA) today handed over three memorandums to the Malaysian Home Ministry, the Human Resources Ministry and the Women, Family and Community Development asking them to initiate strict actions against the IRCON International!

The demand is initiated in view a police report and allegations made by a female Malaysian employee and a mother of 4 children that she was called a bitch by a senior member of the IRCON Staff who is a Indian national!

I sincerely thought that India’s Supreme Court judgment (1997) in Vishaka and Others v State of Rajasthan and others  had put into place not only provisions addressing sexual harassment but if one reads the leading judgment it gives a clear provision that women cannot be mistreated or their dignity tarnished by any quarter – period!

Despite that it is most disheartening to realize that IRCON INTERNATIONAL – a company incorporated in India having its Malaysian office in the 9th Floor of Plaza Sentral in Brickfields and working on the Seremban to Gemas Double Track Railway project is alleged to have failed miserably to uphold the dignity of a Malaysian mother of four children within their office. – CASSA CHIEF – Dr Jacob George



Madam KRISHNAVAENI A/P RENGASAMY NRIC Number – 680518-106128, is a Malaysian and employed as an Office Cleaner and Tea Lady with IRCON INTERNATIONAL Office at Plaza Sentral in Brickfields for the last four years.

On the 7th of July 2010, at 7pm, she has alleged in a Police Report made at Brickfields Police Station on Wednesday August 11, 2010 that she was called into the office of her superior one Sanjay Kumar and she was asked why she was always complaining about his staff to the IRCON Project Director – Rajesh Tripati.

She alleged that he continued harassing her verbally by saying that she was only a tea lady and office cleaner and must behave as such and not try to behave otherwise.

Madam KRISHNAVAENI RENGASAMY replied that she had not done anything wrong but only brought to the attention of the said head about the ‘shouting and fighting’ of the staff which was very demoralizing to other staff and brought a bad image to visitors to the office.

But according to Madam Krishnavaeni, Sanjay Kumar said arrogantly that no matter what she did the IRCON head here, the MD and the Director of Works and others in Delhi ‘are all in his pocket’ and as such, my complaints against him or his staff will be in vain.

He then complained why his room was not regularly cleaned and the used coffee cups not immediately removed.

I stated that the said room was always cleaned accordingly and if need be he can always call me at any time to clean if the need arises as other officials also do so likewise.

As for the dirty cups I replied that it could be an oversight because the cups could have been left behind the potted plants and as such away from public eye contact.

I however informed him that I will take special note of his observations.

But instead of acknowledging my statement he shouted loudly at me by saying ‘Get out of my room you bitch!’

The above mentioned statement by a superior against a subordinate who is a Malaysian Indian and a mother of four children is not only irresponsible but an abuse.

This is certainly a defamation of my character and my dignity.

I had brought this matter to the head of IRCON International in Malaysia Rajesh Tripati but no action has been taken against this official.

Now, I am traumatized other staff are telling me that I will soon be victimized for making a complaint against a senior official.

I am a single mother of 4 children and I need job security.

It is also important that my image and dignity not be smeared by such a despicable statement by a higher official who should have behaved better.

IRCON International is the official contractors of the Ministry of Railways India working in Malaysia and for foreigners to address a Malaysian employee ‘as a bitch’ is certainly uncalled said CASSA President Datuk Dr Jacob George.

I sincerely urge the Malaysian authorities to investigate these and others allegations of arbitrary dismissals and allegations of sexual abuses at this office with immediate effect.

CASSA will be addressing this matter through an official complaint and memorandum to the Malaysian Home Ministry, the Human Resources Ministry and the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry!

We demand that the said official’s professional visa be immediately terminated by the Home Ministry!

CASSA also urges the Ministry of Railways, India to send a delegation to investigate this and other complaints with immediate effect.

There is another note alleging sexual improprieties with the same office and that note should also be investigated by the Malaysian Police!

While investigations are initiated it is pertinent that the above mentioned staff and others behaving in such despicable manner towards Malaysian employees be immediately removed from Malaysia!

Meanwhile several Malaysian MPs and Women groups have called on CASSA to give support on this matter!

They have asked to be included in the joint Memorandum to be sent to the Malaysian and Indian Government on this matter!

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Ogos 12, 10 4:19PM
Berikutan itu, Krishnavaeni Rengasamy, 42, membuat laporan polis semalam kerana diherdik dengan kata-kata penghinaan oleh pegawainya itu.

‘Majikan hina saya’

KUALA LUMPUR: Tidak tahan akibat sering dimaki hamun majikannya sejak beberapa bulan lalu, seorang ibu tunggal yang bekerja sebagai pembancuh teh membuat laporan polis

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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Dr Jacob George is president and legal adviser to the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa)

My late Grandfather was a well respected and connected educationist, a peer of the first two prime ministers and one who played a vital role in the Malaysian education system pre and post independence!

I still remember fondly the discussions he used to have with our founding father, Tunku Abdul Rahman and their ‘gang’ at our home in Sungei Petani in the fifties and early sixties!

The interesting thing about all of them were despite the racial and religious diversity of the composition of those who gathered at my grandfather’s home all of them were extremely close to one another as they discussed issues over tea and cakes and meals often laughing and joking!

There were no sacred cows!

But that was pre and post independence and before the ‘Father of Modern Racism’ entrenched his evil and dictatorial mark on our political system, the judiciary, the executive and the legislature!

And thereafter, we have been on a spiraling down course battering polarization, race relations and direct, indirect and vulgar racism!

Fast forward – 2010 – The statements that came from two educationists from Johor and another from Kedah were not isolated incidents!

The statements and comments have hurt and several police reports have already being made!

For some inexplicable reason instead of condemning the said statements and taking severe punitive action against the perpetrators we have been making contradicting, foolish and politically incorrect statements!

We seem to have apologists making statements and others devoid of statesmanship setting up taskforces and for what purpose?

All that was needed was a severe rebuke!

But none came except in-actions, denials, apologetics, diversions and it has now created utter contempt for those who hold leadership positions in the country!

Such behavior and atmosphere after 53 years of independence say only one thing – we have failed as a nation!

Some among us in power circles – have failed to show total and undivided commitment to 1Malaysia by condemning outright such remarks, warning all in the Education ministry that those found guilty of racists tendencies will be sacked!

I now wait to see if the architect of Malaysia’s 1Malaysia policy will take control of the situation and address the rot!

We should know – charity and sensitivity should start at home with Malaysians be they Malay, Chinese , Indians Sabahans or Sarawakians – not thousands of miles away in West Asia under the spotlight of international media!

As the local sayings go – ‘Kera di hutan di beri susu, anak dirumah mati kebuloran!’ – ‘Monkeys in the woods are given milk while one’s own child dies of starvation!’

The recent resurrection of racism and racists tendencies immediately calls for a re-look of the Race Relations Act which I called for as early as 2000!

In 2009 we were given an indication that we will be tabling such an act!

Unfortunately, certain quarters ‘chickened out!’

Some even had the ‘audacity and stupidity’ to say that there was no need for it!

Worst, ‘that race relations cannot be forced through legislation!’

What they forgot is – we are not legislating relationships but providing a legal framework what can be said and what cannot in a multi racial and religious nation!

Respect, acceptance, sensitivity and tolerance is a two way street – We should never forget that!

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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Dr Jacob George is president and legal adviser to the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa)


The Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam Selangor (CASSA) today appealed to the Inspector of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan to take action on any quarter abusing the system of police reports for private political agenda and to undermine political opponents!

CASSA makes this call in view recent upsurge of individuals and political groups abusing the system of making reports for undermining their political opponents!

There are also allegations that some of them are privately financed individuals doing a political bidding for their political masters!’

CASSA is especially concerned about the police report made against deputy minister Datuk M. Saravanan being involved in the supply of college girls to prominent people for sex!

We are disgusted with the politician who made the said report for his failure to make available the evidence to support his bizarre and unsubstantiated allegations against the deputy minister!

His allegations and statements also undermines the system of law and order and the image and duty of the Malaysian police!

In view of his reluctance to produce or provide the evidence for his wild allegations we urge the Police to instead charge the said politician for making a false police report in the public interest!

Such action will deter future political predators from abusing the system of police reports to conduct a media trial to politically assassinate their political opponents.

CASSA has worked with the deputy minister in the middle of this allegations for over two decade on major issues pertaining to the rights, interest and needs of marginalized communities and consumer affairs and are herewith shocked to hear of such a blatant allegations which we believe has absolutely no substance whatsoever!

As far as CASSA is concerned this is a ‘political assassination’ – no more, no less and the maker of that police report should be immediately charged for making a false police report!

CASSA also wants the police to investigate the said politician in view recent allegations from members of his own party.

Datuk Dr Jacob George


 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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A foreign diplomat friend was so shocked that race relations and the culture of political engagement here has deteriorated drastically!

And he was right as two recent incidents involving two individuals in professions or ‘highly respected callings’ have created embarrassment!

One was a ‘man of the cloth’ and my theological understanding of a ‘man of the cloth’ is a religious man of peace, of love, dedication, fair play, just and above party politics!

A person who is expected to be a peacemaker, a guide to others, and a person of a holy order committed to be a catalyst for moderation and good clean values and ethics!

Simply put – ‘a man of God!’

But no, this man was devious as several years ago he made preposterous claims which lead to serious ‘stand off’ of fear and tension, of anxiety and madness – which could have resulted in violence but he was left off even without ‘a slap on the wrist!’

Today, and strange in a holy month where prayer, fasting, good deeds, reflection should be the order – he has again indulged in his favorite past time of indulging in fabrication and lies!

He claims he knows of people who have drawn up an alternate constitution that abolishes Malay special rights and removes Islam as the official religion of the country.

Only an absolute idiot or a ‘mental retard’ will make such a statement!

Any constitutional expert will tell you that ‘this man of the cloth’ is certainly ignorant of our parliamentary system.

Even a first year Law student will tell you to change any article in the constitution requires 2/3 majority and to replace the constitution requires a referendum!

Is he above the law that no action has still being taken against him?

If this was not bad enough we now have a member of the teaching profession indulging in another frolic!

It has been alleged that on 12 August, one Hajah Siti Inshah Mansor, the principal of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra in Kulai, allegedly described her students as penumpang (passengers) and told her Chinese students to return to China and compared her Indian students with dogs.

It is a disgrace that she is the principle of a school which carries the name of Malaysia’s founding father and first Prime Minister, a man of peace, love, sacrifice, dedication and a father of all Malaysians!

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that she has also indeed hurt and harmed young, vulnerable and impressionable minds.

She has sown the seeds of racism and of prejudice!

Worst, a profession that is very much respected has been smeared and dragged through the muddy waters of racism and prejudice!

At a time when Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is walking the ‘length and breath’ of the nation including Sabah and Sarawak preaching his homilies of 1Malaysia, we have two despicable individuals who are doing everything to rubbish his efforts!

By the way, I cannot but be curious to know what the Minister of Education; Muhyiddin Yassin has done to address the ‘Hajah Siti Inshah Mansor racist outburst?’

After all did not this same Muhyiddin Yassin warn the MCA to be sensitive to the needs of other races in Malaysia?

Is he also not the deputy prime minister of Malaysia which comprises of over 27 million people of all races and religions?

In a few weeks time we will celebrate again our National Day Celebrations and these incidents and racist outbursts have sadly removed any awe of festivity and replaced it with one of sadness, anxiety and fear!

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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Dr Jacob George is president and legal adviser to the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa)

There is now a manhunt for this pathological liar and conman who cheated many!

There is a manhunt for this parasite and unemployed who preyed on the gullible, stupid and greedy contractors and brokers, the lonely single women and mothers!

There is a massive lookout for this swine who when arrested will be made to pay for his many crimes against innocents that included ruined lives and professions!

It is really sad that such an incorrigible and pathological fraud, conman and liar was ever born in Scotts Road, Brickfields Kuala Lumpur!

1. The above is the photo fit of Malaysia’s pathological liar and conman Bala Devan A. Theaivendiram ‘Kannan’!

2. Read/See for yourself (below) these are just samples and there are more to come -  pathological liar and conman Bala Devan’s many different strokes in signing off contracts and undertaking letters after taking monies from his victims!


So far he is at large and so are his partners in crime in Delhi India!

But the good news is several India based mainstream media are already logged on to this blog and have spoken to me and are carrying this scandal across the Indian subcontinent!

Next week I will brief my dear friend – the Home Minister (above left) on this matter and another involving IRCON International!

It will not be easy for a despicable 57 year of unemployed living on the misfortunes of those he cheats to carry this trade of his any longer!

‘Kannan’ Bala Devan Theaivendiram has brought great shame and ridicule to his family and friends!

He has left behind nothing but a trail of sadness and broken lives!

Even thieves have honor but not this pathological liar and conman – ‘Kannan’ Bala Devan Theaivendiram who hails from Brickfields, stayed in SS5 Petaling Jaya and now in hiding in various places and homes of his many mistresses!
 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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