Consumerist: Question: Basic Parasites, Great Businessman Or Entrepreneur? What?

Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: Question: Basic Parasites, Great Businessman Or Entrepreneur? What?

I find it rather vulgar when the corrupt and parasites, those who hang around powerful politicians flush their new found wealth, not from sheer hard work but by political bribery, cronyism and corruption!

Strange, ‘they’ have no shame – no dignity, no remorse at what ‘they’ are doing!

‘They’ seem rather proud that ‘they’ are able to manipulate a contract or two all because of the way ‘politics and business’ operates!

‘They’ – which includes, wives and children and the whole 9 yards – then flaunt this new found wealth through luxury cars, landed proprieties here and abroad especially the UK, bourgeoisie lifestyles without shame as if they are indeed a maestro?

Gosh, look at the houses ‘they’ build in many parts!


Where is the money coming from?

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Consumerist: Oil Prices Down – So Malaysia Will Pump Prices Now Go Down Here?

Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: Oil Prices Down – So Malaysia Will Pump Prices Now Go Down Here?

I am sure many millions are happy that global oil prices fell on yesterday following a surprising increase in US crude inventories.

For a fact – US oil benchmark West Texas Intermediate for November delivery shed 47 cents on the New York Mercantile Exchange to $102.66 a barrel, dropping for a fifth day in a row.

European benchmark Brent oil for November delivery fell 32 cents to $108.32 a barrel.

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) stated too that American crude reserves soared by 2.6 million barrels in the week ending September 20.

As expected refineries were taking in less oil, running at 90.3 percent of capacity, down from 92.5 percent the prior week, likely due to greater-than-expected refinery maintenance.

The decline in oil also comes amid fresh signs of a possible warming of relations between Iran and the West, which conceivably could lead to an easing of sanctions and allow Iran to export more oil more freely.

However, will it now result in the price of the pump going down – hello Malaysia?

Apa macam lo?

Consumerist: What is Stopping SPAD And JPJ Doing Enough To Rope In Dangerous Drivers & Badly Maintained & Modified Vehicles

Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: What is Stopping SPAD And JPJ Doing Enough To Rope In Dangerous Drivers & Badly Maintained & Modified Vehicles




Time 11.30am – place just outside Shah Alam Stadium en-route to Glenmarie – a heavy vehicle registration number BJP5490 speeds dangerously close to other vehicles coming from the Guthrie Highway Corridor and towards Glenmarie barely missing several cars, including mine!

He drives into Glenmarie industrial estate – without been stopped by SPAD officers there conducting whatever ‘operasi‘ they are conducting despite me alerting them!

Defeats the purpose so whatever ‘operasi’ they are conducting below tress, under tunnels or at the side lanes raises many questions on its impact in addressing the despicable and deplorable manner vehicles and in particular heavy vehicles are managed in Malaysia!

Less than twenty minutes after this – I notice a Tractor its wheels are bare and its front dangerous positioned low and been driven into TTDI Jaya area!

The tractor’s indicators not working as he drives across the lanes in a threatening manner!

Barely 100 meters away, another heavy vehicle broken done after its retreaded tyres all three of them come off and its debris lie across the road posing a dangerous situation to other road users!

I wonder who is vicariously responsible if due to the foreign objects on the road/highway an accident occurs that leads to loss of life, limb or both?

Perhaps, our ‘Berkhidmat Untuk Negara’ fellas can do justice for the salaries they are paid to do a job!

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Consumerist: Bangkok Trip Of Excos – Selangor State Govt Urged To Be Accountable & Transparent!

Dato Jacob George

Post Pic

Tindakan mengadakan mesyuarat exco di Bangkok, Thailand semata-mata untuk mengelakkan ketidakhadiran anggota adalah tidak masuk akal, kata Presiden Persatuan Pengguna Subang dan Shah Alam (CASSA), Datuk Dr Jacob George.

Malah katanya adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kepada setiap exco untuk menghadiri mesyuarat mingguan yang telah ditetapkan.

“Alasan yang diberikan adalah tidak masuk akal bila ada mesyuarat dan semua wajib datang, mereka (ahli exco) bukan budak-budak sekolah, mesti tahu tanggungjawab kepada kerajaan Pakatan dan masyarakat,” katanya kepada Antarapos.

Beliau berkata demikian mengulas kenyataan Exco Pembangunan Usahawan, Kesihatan, Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi, Dr Daroyah Alwi yang mengatakan antara sebab mengapa mesyuarat exco diadakan di Bangkok minggu lalu adalah untuk mengelakkan ketidakhadiran anggota.

Daroyah juga berkata jika ia diadakan di luar negara, anggota yang hadir akan lebih fokus kepada matlamat perbincangan.

Jacob menambah, kerajaan negeri sepatutnya menggunakan dana awam dengan cara berhemah dan bukannya dengan membiayai kos pemukiman (retreat) kerajaan negeri di negara jiran.

“Jika nak elakkan pembaziran wang dan sebagainya mereka kena mengadakan perbincangan dan buat keputusan buat perbincangan di negeri lain dalam negara.

“Orang akan tanya mengapa Bangkok, mengapa bukan negeri atau tempat lain? Apa yang (berlainan) istimewa di Bangkok tidak ada dalam negara kita,” beliau mempersoal.

Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim sebelum ini memberitahu selepas mengadakan pemukiman di Bangkok, kerajaan negeri berjaya mencapai beberapa persetujuan dalam pentadbiran selain menarik pelaburan bernilai RM500 juta ke i-City di Shah Alam.

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Consumerist: All Saints Church Peshawar Bombing Victim Cries Out – ‘Your cowardice will not deter me, I am Christian and I am Pakistani !’

Consumerist: All Saints Church Peshawar Bombing Victim Cries Out – ‘Your cowardice will not deter me, I am Christian and I am Pakistani!’


Farah Samuel (above) is an environmentalist based in Peshawar. Christian by faith and a proud Pakistani.

She writes this piece in her own words post tragedy, post this cowardly attack against soft targets!

The night before

It was a beautiful night. We had all gathered to celebrate my cousin’s birthday in Kohati. The party went on till late night and at around 12:30 am, on my way back home, I marveled at how peaceful Kohati bazaar looked. The city was sleeping, the shutters were down and with minimum traffic on the roads, the walk back home seemed so lovely knowing that the core of Peshawar city was so beautifully serene.

Not even in my wildest dreams had I anticipated that the very next morning would smell like the blood and tears of hundreds.

The mass murder

It was a fine Sunday morning – bright and sunny. Many of my family members and friends were getting ready for the Sunday mass; a morning which usually brings spirituality, satisfaction and joy. Who knew that it would turn in to such a ghastly spectacle of bereavement? All we went to do was pray. Even this is unacceptable in today’s Pakistan.

Two consecutive blasts in the All Saints Church shook the city while worshipers were still inside, innocently praying. All the serenity from the night before vanished, just like that.

I myself was initially unaware of the blasts, since my immediate family and I attend St John’s Cathedral. However, when the phone rang, my life changed forever. A friend called up and inquired about my family; I had no idea what she was talking about, but then I turned the TV on and scenes of my beloved community made me hysterical.

What is there to say?

We didn’t deserve this.

The blasts

A cousin of mine, Shaleem John, was a part of the Sunday mass and he witnessed first-hand both the blasts. He was standing outside the Church near a water cooler and just 10 minutes before the blast, he was somewhere near the suicide bombers. It is a miracle that he is alive today.

A fellow worshiper who was standing just a few paces from him was injured by shrapnel and fell on top of my cousin; this probably saved his life. He had passed out for a few minutes but as he regained consciousness, the thing that hit him first was the smell- like rust. Moving his eyes across the devastation, all Shaleem could focus his eyes on was the pieces of flesh – human flesh – that clung to the Church’s building.

The incalculable tragedies

On hearing about the blasts, we rushed to the site in an attempt to do what we could to help. At the Lady Reading Hospital, all one could hear was screams, sobs and agony. I saw a woman who had lost her husband in the blast but didn’t even realise that her daughter was missing too. Having looked for her daughter everywhere – inside the Church and outside – she was taken to the hospital where after hours of search she found her daughter in the children’s ward. The poor woman seemed to be on the verge of a total breakdown when she was reunited with her daughter.

Another family lost eight people; eight brothers and sisters; eight husbands and wives; eight mothers and fathers; eight sons and daughters.

My friend’s sister suffered a serious injury to her eye. She was carried to the hospital where the doctors performed a minor surgery, but unfortunately there have been many blood clots and she is now on a ventilator in critical condition.

The whole day was a series of grave and graver losses.

As the day proceeded, I found out that a close friend and his father had also passed away. This boy was in his final year at Khyber Medical University – he was studying to become a doctor and was the pride and joy of his family and his community. We all looked up to him and hoped that one day he would serve not only the Christian community, but the nation on the whole.

But Christians don’t have the right to dream in Pakistan, do they?



Today his mother and younger siblings are left all alone – no father, no brother and no answers.

The tales of grief go on and on; 81 is no small number. But how much blood will satiate the appetite of these monsters?

From a Christian in Pakistan:

As an individual, I feel a sense of such horrific loss; I have lost many brethren; I have lost my family.

We hadn’t yet recovered from the Gojra and Joseph colony’s incidents, and now this one has ripped open the already raw wounds.

The silver lining is that I have many Muslim friends and colleagues who have been calling me since yesterday, showing their love, concern and support. Many have told me how terribly sorry they are. They have felt my pain and made it their own. This is the true Pakistan; a place where people of all faiths come together, not the polarized state the terrorists want to portray. These calls and visits from my Muslims friends have defeated the terrorists. No matter how much they bomb us or how many lives they take, they cannot take away my Pakistan.

Christians stood alongside Jinnah for this country; Pakistan is my country too and I will not let bombs scare me. We will stay; we will prevail and we will fight. We will serve our nation with all our heart.


Yesterday’s incident has left us shocked, but we will keep praying to God to save our country because Pakistan was made for Christians, Muslims, Hindus and every other minority present here.

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