How we make RM1.35 bil from poor Bangladeshis?

11 Oct 2007

I wrote the following article in 2007 which was carried in Malaysiakini!

Fast forward – April 26th 2018 – has things changed for the better or has it gone worst with shenanigans still abusing the system using now naturalized former Bangladeshi workers now turned entrepreneurs after marrying local girls, having Malaysian documents, using a political party war lords and runners paying an alleged RM1200.00 per approval if direct and a further RM200.00 per head if a further tier is in-between?

I am triggering this issue again disturbed at allegations that today Bangladeshi agents and operators are now directly involved unlike 10 years ago in the spin of things!

There are allegations that even local “Datuks”, “Datins” are using these conduits and I have now evidence where even documents are forged, signatures of directors, that authorities misled with these third party agent “Datuks and Datins” paying upfront for the approvals and arranging non owners or directors to go to Dacca for interviews paying their airfare, hotel stay, entertainment and other liquidated expenses and even promising kickbacks to these company conduits a further RM1000.00 to RM1850.00 as kick back?

Who really become the victims here so that these political shenanigans, these “Datuks and Datins” can make obese profits?

In one case several Police reports have recently being made and I have been provided the evidence after an attempt to high jack an approval using fake documents!

The authorities have been updated and internal action and precaution already initiated!

Now it is pertinent using internal officials to find which agent played the role internally to facilitate a theft.

In this case, I have already briefed senior home and human resources ministry officials and will again update the honorable home minister as I used to do since I first did from the time former deputy prime minister Tun Musa Hitam was the home minister!

Really sad that this scourge of using workers to be super rich has not abated!

One “Datin” who spoke to me last week had the audacity to even go on record stating how much she paid and she cannot deny this after her attempt to tape our conversation and tried to use me for her evil agenda and she got taped!

I had sincerely warned these quarters not to drag me or try to use me in their petty games and wars.

Now they will know the folly of this!

The 2007 Article:

We are told that the cabinet had ‘frozen’ the intake of Bangladeshi workers ‘indefinitely’ due to the numerous problems and ‘headaches’ created by employers and agents.

But, it is a pity the government refuses to admit they are equally to blame for the fiasco, which is unraveling at the ‘gateway to Malaysia’ at the KLIA and eventually, in the country.

But in ‘all honesty’ (a sacred endangered phrase which is fast disappearing in the land), we need to ask how effective is the ‘announced freeze’ in the light of an approval already given to bring in over 300,000 Bangladesh to Malaysia?

According to reports, over 65,000 have already arrived and in ‘total disarray and chaos’.

For the record, until today there has not being a due diligence conducted comprehensively to ascertain whether this further 300,000 is really needed in the country and for that matter, in which sectors?

This, for the simple reason that those who have arrived under ‘dubious reasons and needs’ are still being housed in shoddy camps, hostels, given a meal a day, moved around from place to place aimlessly and when they protest or question those in charge of them, they are allegedly manhandled.

And there are also allegations that many are working in sectors that are not for which they were indeed employed in the first place.

I am certain a call for a withdrawal of the approvals for the over 300,000 Bangladeshis would not be entertained for the simple reason that with their arrival on Malaysian soil, a further sum of over RM1.35 billion would have changed hands between the agents in Dhaka, Bangladesh and those in Malaysia playing various roles and in the various tiers, to make this entry possible.

Yes, a whopping RM1,350,000,000!

And for that reason and that reason alone, I am weary of the various claims and assurances given by diplomats, politicians, businessmen, and other quarters in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya or for that matter, Dhaka, pertaining to the migration of Bangladesh workers’ to Malaysia.

Their ‘claims and assurances’ are nothing new and we have heard them before as early as the 80s but the issue has indeed gone from bad to worse!

In fact, there had been far too many damaging statements made, even before the US Senate Committee of Commerce, Science and Transportation, so much so the talk today is whether foreign workers should stay clear of Malaysia in view of the allegations of corruption and the manner in which this sector has been managed and ‘politically interfered with’.

There is no doubt that there are labor needs in the country, and in certain sectors it is indeed of dire need, but until that much delayed due diligence is done, all Home Ministry approval for Bangladesh workers and the operations of the over 250 outsourcing companies should be frozen pending a re-look and an independent third-party review of manpower needs and of outsourcing companies headed by the Human Resources Ministry.

Anything less only confirms a total disregard for ‘public interest and consistency in policy making’ at the altars of obese greed.