Consumerist: And How Are We Dealing With The H7N9 Menace?

  Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: And How Are We Dealing With The H7N9 Menace?

According to reports the number of bird flu cases in China jumped Sunday to 102, including 20 deaths, the World Health Organization announced.

And seventy patients remain hospitalized with the virus.

The WHO said there is still no evidence of human-to-human transmission.

So far the virus has mainly affected eastern China, with 11 deaths and 33 infection cases reported in Shanghai, 24 cases, including three deaths, in Jiangsu Province, 38 cases, including five deaths, in Zhejiang Province, while Anhui Province has confirmed three cases, with one ending in death.

Further afield, four people — including one in Beijing in northern China and three in central Henan Province — have tested positive for the H7N9 virus.

The current strain of bird flu, H7N9, was not detected in humans until last month.

And according to reliable sources there now China’s public health authorities are now proactively targeting small towns and villages, taking throat swabs from live food dealers and their customers in wet markets where the rough and ready food culture provides a perfect environment for viruses — such as H7N9 bird flu — to flourish.

Perhaps, just perhaps it is just too little far too late!

As with all things in China, the scale of the undertaking is witheringly massive.

China’s Ministry of Agriculture, says its medical dragnet has taken samples from poultry markets, farms and slaughterhouses across the country.

So far, 84,444 samples have been taken, 47,801 have been tested and 39 samples confirmed as H7N9 positive.

So I wonder how importing nations, that includes 1Malaysia have addressed this matter and whether it is fool proof?