Consumerist: Has Terrorism Come To Malaysia?

Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: Has Terrorism Come To Malaysia?

At the time of writing those expected to do their job or have enough intelligence gathering talent have failed to red flag this!

So why did this happen?

Is this the beginning of many further attacks?

In this incident which has already gained international exposure with the international wires buzzing there is one dead, another 13 or so injured!

There were Chinese, Thailand and Singapore nationals who were collateral damage in this attack.

So what was this attack all about?

So Madam Nancy Shukry – is this attack permissible IF indeed investigations show that there was no triad or underworld involvement let alone competition or a angry mistress showing her temper tantrums but that of a carefully planned and orchestrated attack to test both the readiness of the authorities and the country’s political will and commitment to address the lunatics that are frequently making headlines with their racist venom on minorities of the country!

Last night a nightclub, serving alcohol, was targeted, in the past churches shared similar fate and incidents like this in a multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia unaddressed will destroy all that we have so painfully worked for!

I am certain the US, the UK, Europe and the UN are watching rather painstakingly at what is preached on lofty rostrums in international fora and the reality on ground zero!

Will this now add to the brain drain and migration of the talents we so much need which will be only be replaced by the unskilled and dangerous from the terrorist flamed regions, the scam filled territory of the African continent or worst, sleeper agents coming in for their RR is yet to be seen!

I am certain dear friends, the Home Minister and the IGP have their best men and women on the job and I encourage and fully support their efforts in this matter!

We do not want Malaysia to be remembered for fanaticism, bigotry, race and religious intolerance, for race supremacist but for the goodness of multi-racial and religious Malaysians living in unity despite diversity in a country where peace, respect and joy are the cornerstone of the nation!

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has condemned the explosion at a nightclub in Bukit Bintang this morning, which killed a car jockey and injured 13 others.