Consumerist: Nancy You Are Wrong!

Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: Nancy You Are Wrong!

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Nancy Shukri’s written parliamentary reply on behalf of the prime minister has now become a classic statement of full and complete idiocy and madness and one which clearly epitomizes the alleged double talk, double standards and where outsourced racist and religious fanatics and bigots are now rewriting the laws and interpretation of it in Malaysia!

It plays up to the supremacist policies of the regimes that use to propel apartheid in the 60’s onwards!

For Nancy – Sarawakian Christians will remember that statement now and it will come to politically haunt you GE14!

So with this vulgar interpretation what has become of the Federal Constitution, the concept of accountability, ethics, of justice, the rule of law and fairness.

Does this now mean that elected representatives are bowing shamelessly to unelected political and religious shenanigans, terrorists and other dark forces for their political shelf life?