Bravo – Oh Bravo! You have to hand it to Singapore authorities the manner they address and fight corruption whenever it rises its ugly head!

Singapore is unlike other countries who preach but do not practice, who scream religious values, ethics, governance, fair play but strictly omit doing any of them!

In fact, some have even set up third parties to ridicule whistle blowers and exposure of corruption along racial and racist lines!

Certain vernacular racist media and paid mercenary bloggers are recruited to fan the same arguments think all the world is as stupid as these groups are!

They have gone mentally bankrupt of ideas and excuses for runaway corruption at each and every tier of administration!

Even GOD is being bribed!

So I cannot but praise once again the nation and guardians of Singapore for the suspensions of the chiefs of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) which had resulted from a probe involving the supply of IT-related products and services.

Though in this case, no money is thought to have changed hands, the close relationship between a certain female IT executive and the two senior officers was a cause for concern, and a complaint was lodged with the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

According to The New Paper, the female IT executive developed a close working relationship with both former CNB director Ng Boon Gay, 45, and former SCDF commissioner Peter Lim Sin Pang, 51.

This relationship was enough to be a cause for concern.

The paper – AsiaOne pieced together various news reports to find out more about her:

She apparently works for a firm that supplies IT-related products and services to several government offices including MHA and SCDF.

While Mr Lim and Mr Ng were both unaware of each other’s dealings with the woman, they have both confirmed their relationship with the woman in statements to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

The Straits Times reported that both men admitted they had improper relationships with the woman in question.

An internal source had questioned whether correct protocol was being followed in the SCDF and CNB’s IT deals.

No money is thought to have changed hands, but the close relationship between the IT executive and the two senior officers was observed, and a complaint was lodged with CPIB.

A woman working for a top American multinational firm is helping in the probe.

The probe is believed to be related to tender and procurement processes.

Other senior SCDF officers and employees in private sector IT firms have also been helping in the investigations.

I wonder whether such actions will be the case rather than the exception or worst that a war on corruption or alleged corruption only targeted at one’s political opponents assisted by a trial by a racist media without any foundation or evidence procured while at another door real thieves are catering away the family treasures!

Three cases that are in my mind are one where in a certain country a politician is supposed to have made $17 million on a hospital sale changeover and in another case a private company being managed by internal preparation to be awarded a massive multi million dollar contract to manage and service hospital equipments and the third where prize assets are handed to cronies?

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