‘To survive this crisis, the world community will need a super heavy dose of international cooperation and leadership.

But at even date, there is no leadership at the global stage to align all efforts going forward!’


Perhaps, this would be the most controversial article I have EVER written on any subject to date!

But from where I am sitting, I am really glad that the Wuhan virus alias Covid-19 landed!

Months before the pandemic, almost daily we have Facebook narratives, what Sapp messages of a very serious theological discourses going on where certain communities and their religious orders and others as always stupid followers were getting in a rude, vulgar theological discourse on the greatness of their God, their priestly orders, that of their evangelists, down talking other Abrahamic faiths and those older.

And when the infection went wild claiming thousands of lives in Wuhan China – rude and vulgar jokes were made of the Chinese, their culture, way of life, eating habits and worst, that this was a direct and immediate curse and punishment from their God against the Chinese!

The religious arrogance shown just an unleashing of a racist mindset let loose.

Certain politicians, religious and community leaders joined in the chorus of that hate narrative.

The comment columns of certain vernacular online news media were the epicenter of such animosity and fascism!

But all that came collapsing, which includes the myth, that communities were untouchable, insulated to the Wuhan virus alias Covid-19!

Overnight, the body count of fatalities grew and inexplicably, those theologians, their politicians and proxies went super quiet!

Their earlier held mantra of infallibility, dogmas, it’s alright to have unhygienic eating habits, attire and theological beliefs and religious supremacy took a knocking!

Both their religious and political leaders even at this time of writing are incommunicado, below the radar perhaps afraid to admit how shallow, arrogant, racist and vulgar was the manner they treated those who shared not their faith!

They cannot understand neither comprehend the present infection nor its trend and continued journey of claiming lives without prejudice to one’s race, young or old, smart or stupid, one’s religious faith, status in society, be one a prince, prime minister, an Oscar winning Hollywood star or even a religious icon.

Welcome to the new world order!

It is clear whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, believer, non-believer, and member of the deep state or terrorist – all are a fair game for the infamous Wuhan virus alias Covid-19!

For now the infection has caused chaos in countries rich, powerful and poor!

It has destroyed the world economies and predictions of growth.

It has called for and unleashed stimulus packages whatever that means eventually?

Interestingly the preferred policy response from the play book of every country threatened by COVID-19 seems to be a lockdown, or severely restricting movement (of people, goods and services) into and out of cities or countries.

Locally, debates have been polarized on the government’s transparency and capacity and on the panic buying of consumables, consumers’ priorities, hand sanitizers and other supplies.

We have yet to set up a task force of minds from the community from differing persuasions to think out of the box!

So far we have been less focused on the fundamental question: “How can the spread be stopped before it is too late?

And not surprising more than 100 governments have closed their borders to foreign visitors and/or imposed lengthy quarantines that have the same practical effect.

It is believed for now in view of the imponderables and gaps, this is undoubtedly the best way to slow down, contain and hopefully roll back the spread of the novel coronavirus within and between nations.

I have had my doubts after witnessing the gaps, that trial by error methods and plain incompetence.

I know that beating COVID-19 will require much more from countries than lockdowns, social distancing and travel bans.

The charging and handcuffing of a 60 year old cardiologist as if he was a deep state operative for out jogging in an empty park was an over-kill in one country!

While not arresting more than 5000 and their proxies from an epicenter of the spreading infection under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 raised perception of bias and abuse even in a lockdown and a pandemic!

Let me also tell you that even if China, South Korea and Japan the current leads in a war against the pandemic succeed in scaling back the virus, that does not mean much if the rest of the world catches it.

I never trusted the Chinese figures or their narrative – period!

In my book they can never be trusted!

As for the World Health Organization (WHO) on holiday when I was screaming in my articles to declare this a pandemic, it has now expressed serious concern over the “alarming level of inaction” in many countries.

How ironic and what hypocrisy!

The other features was that many countries were in denial; some responding slowly or inadequately, and many simply lack the resources, the expertise or the political commitment without fear nor favor to religious, racial or community taboos to beat the virus.

From my interactions with my friends who are part of a global team of professionals, I am advised that the peak of this pandemic is still nowhere in sight.

But there are good things too in this chaos, where an idiot who spoke about a plateau and drinking warm water to rid the infection is missing and good riddance!

In his absence, I find another more competent doing the heavy lifting!

I was wrong about him in the past, and did send over a well-wisher and my full support for his task at hand!

So likewise, let us all together as global partners align.

To survive this crisis, the world community will need a super heavy dose of international cooperation and leadership.

But at even date, there is no leadership at the global stage to align all efforts going forward!

We will all agree that despite today’s compelling need for it, we are still not seeing the intense international cooperation needed to solve the crisis at hand.

The irony is the initial epicenter of this pandemic is now busy cashing in on what the world needs after infecting them with a virus, from masks to incubators and other support items!

The question in everyone’s mind is, are we all alone – is every nation for itself as we face a very formidable virus who respects not race, religion, geographical borders, the rich, poor, the bright, the stupid and most importantly, even idiots!

This is despite the emerging threat blossoming into a pandemic within 11 weeks, and with so many unknowns.
We are really terrified.

We are terrified by the collapse of the healthcare systems in several first world countries, even emerging markets, followed by the potential human and economic consequences, and naturally affected countries tend to be directing most of their energy inward.

Sadly, despite a clear and present danger to all international cooperation has also been hampered by strategic rivalry, particularly between the United States and China, meaning suspicion and zero-sum thinking continue to guide policy perspectives and initiatives.

In such conditions, I expect nothing but that strategic rivals would be persuaded to temporarily shelve their competition; their petty prejudice, anger or plain arrogance but sadly,this does not seem to be the case, even in Malaysia.

But no one is explaining or care to share, how such narrow-minded nationalism, religious fanaticism, fascism and race supremacy, conspiracy theories, xenophobia and even Sino phobia will prevent communities and fatalities rising and resulting in all countries and their communities never being the same ever again, post this pandemic which goes by the name of Wuhan virus alias Covid-19!

For now we all risk losing our lives and livelihoods even after the outbreak is over.

May the Almighty help us all!