Dr Jacob George is president and legal adviser to the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa)


Let us start with the right legal premise!

If there are allegations it must be first investigated before various quarters among them disgruntled and defeated politicians and their respective political parties, racists groups and a lead mainstream newspaper whose priority these days seems to be to carry racial bent sensational stories in their dosage of hate carry out a trial by media!

It does not help the efforts and slogans of 1Malaysia nor the claims of our lead politicians who sing political homilies saying we have zero tolerance for racism and racists statements and yet are slow to come off the block when these issues transpire as it did in Johor and Kedah recently – just weeks before we celebrate our 53 year of independence and in a time where we are being royally embarrassed by the burning and malicious sacrilege of our national flag in Indonesia!
NONETwo vernacular newspapers and a racists pressure group have being in the thick of these ‘hate stories’ and no prizes in guessing who they are!

If the agenda is to raise anger among certain racial groups to regain lost support – let me tell you – it is not working as even a ‘mental retard’ can read through these amateur statements and actions!

The script is out dated, stupid and a political over-kill!


Worst it hurts efforts by independent groups and individuals (like this writer!) working behind the scene to regain lost support!

Today Indians and Chinese do also read these vernacular newspapers!

So I cannot but laud my dear friend – Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohamed Nazri Aziz’s statement that any quarters or individuals who make statements which touch on the sensitivities of other races and religions must bear the consequences when the action is reported to the authorities!

I am happy to hear that action will be taken against any quarter regardless of race or position!

I agree with my learned friend’s contention that we cannot accept ‘misinterpretation’ as an excuse. It involves ‘public perception’ and therefore all of us must be careful!

No one has a monopoly – love begets love, as does respect, tolerance and sensitiveness!

Perhaps, we can start by a warning to Utusan Malaysia and various racist groups, to tone down their ‘political war games’ as it does not help 1Malaysia’s efforts at addressing polarization and race relations, neither does it open the floodgates to an avalanche of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the country with all these front page byline and race related stories!

My prayer and appeal is that these groups do not ruin the peace and goodwill we all share for their narrow vulgar political agenda and insecurity!

It is pertinent that opposition politicians also refrain from indulging or encroaching into areas that are prohibited, taboo or politically incorrect that can be manipulated by political predators and opportunist for their narrow political agenda!

Perhaps, dear friend Nazri – a person who tolerates no nonsense will see to it that the Cabinet Committee on Law Enforcement which he chairs having on its membership the presence of Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, Information Communication and Culture Minister Dr Rais Yatim, inspector-general of police Musa Hassan and attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail will exercise a zero tolerance at any action that threatens the delicate social fabric of our nation!

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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