Malaysian minorities are not stupid!

It also includes the international observers and foreign dignitaries holding watching briefs.

The manner by which certain quarters were outsourced to paint up a picture of alcohol related accidents and fatalities with biased racist and seditious commentaries accompanying them on the social media though they were the super minority compared to those on drugs, reckless, negligent, driving without license or the behavior of majority heavy vehicle and public transport drivers and not forgetting our Mat Rempits and today’s gig economy riders who seem to be untouchables, have raised eyebrows!

But they were successful in painting all non-Malays as law breakers and alcoholics whose victims were Malays?

When challenged with statistics they were not bothered.

So any intelligent man on the street cannot but feel that there is a narrative put across to continue a well-orchestrated and financed attack on the rights, interest of Malaysian minorities.

They have attacked our religion, our holy books, caused fires and damage to our religious houses, violated our religious sanctity by taking part in the holy communion then spit out the contents and photograph it under the fake claim that it was part of investigative journalism to ascertain whether these prayer houses were secretly converting those we are not by law not to?

We may have forgiven but not forgotten!

Now the latest, attack comes in the form of the draconian new ruling or guideline introduced by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) on the liquor licence prohibiting all sundry shops and convenient stores from selling liquors commencing on Oct 1, 2021!

Are the present crop of politicians who make the powers that be by default not aware of Article 11 of the Federal Constitution that categorically guarantees the fundamental right of all persons (even to non-citizens) to freedom of religion.

All persons in this country are supposed to enjoy such freedom without any justified and lawful restrictions.

The right to freedom of religion is so vital in that no restriction to such rights, let alone a blanket prohibition, shall even be entertained during an emergency.

This solemn affirmation was duly pronounced by the then supreme court – the highest court in Malaysia – in the celebrated case of Joshua Jamaluddin.

Inexplicable when racist politicians forget precedence!

It is not justifiable for Malay Muslims to decide and control the non-Muslims on the issue of the consumption of alcohol or what they consider ‘haram’ food we allegedly consume.

The present crop of well remunerated politicians full of hypocrisy needs to be reminded of the ramifications of their decision to curb liquor sales by not issuing licences.

Their ill thought and racist attack will find the collateral damage on jobs, small businesses, transport, restaurants, hotels, tourism, and national income.

As a well learned observer cited when it was raised:

“If consumption of alcohol is a sin, let the consumers of alcohol face the wrath of God. Let them answer to God. Why is the Government trying to interfere in the individual’s relationship with God? I agree that the consumption of alcohol can affect an individual negatively, especially in terms of health and his ability to think and behave in accordance with the norms of society. Bans on the sale of alcohol will not solve the problem.

Corruption is a more serious matter. Many of our political leaders have amassed wealth and today they are millionaires and even billionaires. No religion endorses corruption. Many of our leaders have been charged in courts for corruption and abuse of political power. The Islamic party does not condemn them and in fact are willing to form alliances with them. They even use religion as a tool to satisfy their political greed.

Why are they so keen on banning the use of alcohol when these religionists can work together with leaders who are corrupt to the core?”

These are the observations from those on the street who dare to put in writing what they feel about the double standards clearly shown.

Can one imagine what the silent majority are thinking who are awaiting GE15?

What about the minorities of the land who feel both Sabah and more critical Sarawakian politicians have sold us out?

And in Semenunjung, the parties fictionally claiming to represent minorities’ only have served themselves!

Look at their bourgeoisie dressing, their lifestyles and their accumulated wealth!

And compare those with the have not’s and marginalized in the community!

So I am thankful that Covid 19 is here as an equalizer and to teach humility to certain quarters who will need to run back to us with ‘their tails between their legs’ for our vote?

They cannot forever be hiding behind dubious numbers, strange political bedfellows, or others in the power equations!

But for now if these guidelines on alcohol sales materialize I am certain we will have a mountain of legal action filed across the nation by minorities.

And we shall invite international observers to monitor the proceedings as well.

They can also judge whether our recent narratives on ‘shared prosperity’ or claims of moderation another platform of hypocrisy?

Inexplicably these moral police say nothing about corruption, child marriages or licensed pedophiles in the mix.

No wonder it is stated Malaysia is a destination of endless possibilities and super hypocrisy?