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From what I know, the Ministry of Health (MOH)has still to come out with its report!

As for the Police, I am aware that they are still conducting their investigations.

And if I know the IGP, as I know him to be the professional he is, he will make certain that no stones are left upturned as they investigate this horrendous issue and tragedy which has now become both national and international!

For the record, I have received no less than 15 calls from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, France, South Africa, Singapore, Mexico, and the US!

But Syabas, to Johor executive council member in charge of religious affairs, Abd Mutalip Abd Rahim, who said the Johor Islamic Affairs Department (JAIJ) has completed its investigation, and his rather controversial and contentious statement, if indeed he is quoted correctly (pun intended!) that the tahfiz school did not commit any offence!

Sounds super-fast and premature?

Though it may sound rather ingenious to some, his statement, to me is totally unacceptable and premature pending both MOH and the Police investigations!

It is embarrassing and unreasonable when we have a politician who comes out with such an insensitive statement when a student died from injuries due to suspected physical abuse by an assistant warden of the school.

Let us start with the basic!

Does this Johor executive council member know at least how many public and private religious schools there are in Johor?

And the total population of students at such entities?

Their finances, background of their management and administrative community?

And for these private entities, are they being monitored, regulated, visited and have surprise visits and postmortems initiated by those under whom the responsibility herein lies?

If this politician, his behavior and response is not bad enough, we have another politician in charge of health, environment, education and information, Ayub Rahmat, who instead of keeping silent, decides to jump on the bandwagon to give an uncalled for lecture on the protocols of the MOH investigation, when no one asked him!

It becomes intolerable when he tries to advice the public not to be too quick to judge any party until the post-Morten report was ready as no other student from the same religious school was experiencing any sign similar to the deceased.

Gosh! How does he know?

Did he conduct a comprehensive audit and investigation at the school which is the epicenter of this horrendous crime and tragedy?


Are such exco portfolios not needing an academic background, track record, critical thinking, professionalism, ethics, sensitiveness, knowledge of the law, and most importantly empathy?

Is the problem me being too super sensitive?

Does it not matter that a poor tormented and tortured child has lost his life?

And those obviously caught napping and incompetent and under whose watch this happened not be exposed for their incompetence and replaced?

Must they be protected?

Must we cover up?

The truth hidden at any costs?

After all only one person here lost his life!

MAS 32

And there we have the infamous MH370, where there is a total of 239 people, 14 nationalities on board that plane, which is still missing, all presumed dead post 8 March 2014!

Seriously Malaysia?

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