On the eve of Malaysia’s 53 Merdeka celebrations the Father of Malaysian Racism continues what he is good for – blatant racists statements which undermines Prime Minister Najib’s 1Malaysian vision!

This political reject aspires now to be included as a spokesman for Middle East Peace Plans!

Perhaps, many have forgotten that ‘Charity starts at home!’

On the other hand – If there is seriously a count on the number of police reports made by politicians and aspiring politicians and even those hiding under various shades of NGOs post GE12, I am certain the figure would be strangely high and shocking!

Even strange when they are initiated at a time we are expected to spend our days and nights in prayer, fasting silent reflection and good deeds!

Time spent reading and reflecting on the rich spiritual message!

But no, sadly just days before we celebrate not only the nations 53 Independence there are still politicians shouting political slogans, making seditious statements and acting in a manner that threatens public order!

Worst – the language on the banners are not only vulgar but incites violence!

They allege ‘chaos’ or ‘religious conflicts’ but seriously who is going to initiate them or most importantly, who is indeed fanning such sentiments?

And whose political interests would it serve for such happenings when we are struggling to be internationally competitive, lobby strategic foreign development investment and move towards a developed nation?

I thought after the infamous ‘Cow head fiasco’ lessons may have being learned!

And what is the message by these young inexperience and inpatient politicians or worst message from the old and assumingly retired when they either try to resurrect the past or continue yet on a racist frolic of their own when the political climate and circumstances have drastically changed – socially, economically and politically?

The fact is these actions by yet another few or a mainstream vernacular newspaper are not going to help win back states that have being lost but may create a scenario of a backlash not against their targets – but against those financing, planning, aiding and abetting these political demonstrations in the forthcoming general elections!

We have failed to pause, listen and engage!

We think that by political wars games and vulgar racists lies carried in print and interviews will win elections!

We are wrong!

Some seem to have forgotten what MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN means?

I have said this before and I say this again – let us not lose elections because of ‘political predators and idiots’ who go on a frolic of their own embarrassing the federal government, senior party heads and undermining serious politicians and others working behind the scenes to win back lost support by sheer dedication and honest hard work!

On the eve of our 53 Merdeka Celebrations – I appeal to Premier Najib Tun Razak and both Ministers of Home Affairs and Justice to send the strongest message that these kinds of demonstrators, demonstrations and incitement be stopped in the national interest!

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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