‘I find it rather strange that caution was thrown to wind at a time when, most countries have introduced various tiers of background checks to eliminate homeland and internal security risks!’


I have repeatedly raised the issues relating to Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) and the weaknesses within that system and program.

Of course, it impacted certain foreigners living here, others who have benefited in this grand hoax that MM2H is the perfect recipe for funds (transfer?) and investments brought in?

It would be also foolish to claim that MM2H had brought RM40.6bil into Malaysia, with more than RM600mil coming in just from MM2H property purchases in 2018.

Now those behind this statement please show us the hard core evidence if not shut up!

If there is any truth in that, what is the current projections post Covid 19?

It is also plain stupidity to claim that just because our economy so desperately needs financial infusion we should blindly open the barn gates!

Let us also stop that baloney that foreigners who often have a choice of where to spend their retirement years but purposefully choose Malaysia, reflects serious endorsement of what Malaysia has to offer – certain future, peace and stability.

I am sure the Home Office has enough statistics and data and the real reasons why this is happening.


The last thing we need is a new form of foreign colonization or “settler colonization!”

Already there are massive adverts where promoters are encouraging Westerners to escape the high costs of living in their home countries by seeking refuge in developing nations instead.

The result – these acts can drive up the cost of living in countries where locals earn a much lower wage compared to their expat counterparts.

It exploits locals who earn a comparatively low wage to their foreign counterparts, and drives up the cost of living for people who actually live in Malaysia!

Now, made worst post Covid 19!

There are advertisements which describes that expats can live comfortably for example in Penang island for as low as US$1,500 (RM6,156) per month is a classic give-a-way!

Thanks to the pandemic and the flak received from these ‘new colonists’ in ASEAN countries, it is time to immediately freeze if not terminate all together the MM2H project for good!

I fully and without reservation support the Home Ministry in addressing all matters in MM2H in the Malaysian public interest not the super wealthy billionaires whose greed knows not limits and attempt to speak as if they know what’s best for Malaysia?

So I am very grateful for the Auditor-General’s Report 2019 Series 2 which highlights all issues on this matter which shows what  certain very powerful personalities, power people, conduits and others were selling for personal greed rather than that of the nation!

Interesting is it not that a total of 1,822 Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme participants left the country between 2015 and 2019 without coming back.

Are we surprised that participants from China made up the largest proportion with 920 who never returned to Malaysia, followed by Japan (214), South Korea (201) and Bangladesh (134).

I find it rather strange even bizarre, that caution was thrown to wind at a time most countries have introduced various tiers of background checks and high tech biometrics to eliminate homeland and internal security risks!

Moreover that the Auditor General’s report highlights the absence of a letter of good conduct (LOGC) requirement to verify that the dependents of the MM2H participants are free from criminal misconduct, posed a risk to national security is a great gap which should never have been!

This was not all, as it was also revealed that no LOGC was attached for 107 dependents of 59 participants as the rules did not stipulate that the letter had to be submitted and that no other method was used to verify the dependents were free from criminal misconduct in the country of origin!

Why are we being so cordial and gullible if not silly and stupid at a time international terrorism is on the rise, with sleeper agents, their financiers and others involved in scandals, scams, money laundering  freely moving and setting up base in this part of the world?

Those of us who address what is at stake with the absence of an integrated database and weaknesses in the internal controls know only too well the clear and present/future danger these poses to internal and homeland security!

Other questions had surrounded on audits and checks whether initiated on the program’s requirement of a minimum offshore income of RM10,000.00 per month.

Was this ever reviewed?

It is also strange that the MM2H participant’s children enjoy eligibility as dependents even though they are over 21 years old which must be another inexplicable and strange case limited to Malaysia’s generosity?

So much is parroted of the economic benefits from these programs but do we have digital smart cards to record information on participants’ property purchases, residential and employment for more effective monitoring purposes?

As you can see there are far too many loopholes, red flags and it is about time that we initiate a comprehensive re-look at this program and not be intimidated by various self-serving personalities take on them, to maintain the status quo, in self-interest!

My take is – it is time for a critical and comprehensive study of this program.

And the Home Office’s view for such is fully supported by me in the public and national interest!

If this is been questioned and manipulated then let us have a clear referendum on the program or better please scrap it entirely!